Friday, April 8, 2011

Project 365: The Wonder Place

Friday, April 8
I had a great day. (The only bad part of our day was: still no air-conditioning in our car! It was hot today!) One of our babysitters met the two youngest ones and me at The Wonder Place in Little Rock. She supervised them for 3 whole hours (I checked on them by text periodically to see if they were ready to go yet, but they weren't!) while I ran errands and ate lunch with my husband.

They performed a little puppet show for me when I came to pick them up.

Help! I'm being attacked by a shark!

We went to the mall next because I had a gift certificate to Gap. Dash has been really into "fashion" lately (not kidding!), and he needed some new clothes. I wanted him to pick out his own things. (He actually didn't like this outfit I picked out for him to wear today; he didn't think it looked "good enough." I convinced him he wanted to wear something sporty and comfortable to The Wonder Place.) It's so cute the way he goes in his closet at home and puts outfits together. Then he uses water to fix his hair at the mirror. I'm not making fun of him at all, but it makes me giggle; I love it!

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Cary said...

What a little hunk. I know he was styling his hair and washing his face and dressing himself when he was here. He's going to be a heartbreaker.