Thursday, April 28, 2011

Garden Challenge Part Two

Garden Challenge Part Two
(For my first Garden Challenge post, go here.)

These are the four garden books we found at the library today. They all look really cute. And not only do they have beautiful illustrations with sweet stories, there are learning elements in each book, as well.

Last time, I wrote about how the kids painted pots and planted grass (or chives - their choice) seeds. Sissy's turned out really cute. (They boys' suffered at the hands of all the recent bad storms. They got dumped over, and we are replanting.)

The pan we filled with dirt and grass seeds also proved to be a worthwhile project.

I think the kids play with it every day (especially my 6 year old son). The grass grew really thick, and it's holding up pretty well to all of their cars and animals clomping through it.

One really fun surprise were these two pots which burst forth with flowers unexpectedly. They still had the dirt in them from last summer. I didn't realize they had contained perennials, so this was such a little gift.

Our veggies are growing - even our "mystery vegetable" which somehow went unlabeled. Here are a few of them.

All of the rain has been a blessing, and there is obvious growth in our garden. However, in other areas it has been a detriment. Many of the seeds we planted directly into the ground are sprouting up, but some areas really washed out. A lesson in gardening and farming.

The kids are going to be helping me replant some seeds, weed, deadhead flowers, and plant some Easter Lilies my dad dug up for us.

Speaking of plants, my parents gifted me with two beautiful plants on Easter. My dad planted these Hen and Chicks in this cool pot. I love it.

He also planted these Calla Lilies in a very cute bird pot. Thanks, Dad!


MissMOE said...

What a great start to the gardening season. I really love the grass in the pan--what a wonderful thing to have for the kids to play in.

Zonnah said...

The hair pot is the cutest thing!

Erika said...

I love the pan of grass, too! Totally borrowing that idea for my kiddos.