Monday, February 28, 2011

Project 365: New Workbox System and Christmas in February

February 21
I am super-duper excited about my new shelves I bought last night at Office Depot. This is originally what I wanted to use for our Workboxes. However, to save money while finding out if we even wanted to use the Workbox System, I just bought an economy size box (enough for 3 kids) of shoebox size tubs at The Container Store for $30 about a year and a half ago. They work fine, but it was all a little chaotic with tubs and lids everywhere. I love, love my new shelves much better. And they match my house! If you're curious, I paid $59/apiece for these, BUT I found a $30 off (purchase of $150 or more...there are other coupons for other amounts) Office Depot coupon online which helped.

February 22
Tonight (at least an hour before bedtime), Dash came down the stairs with all kinds of blankets and blanket-ish supplies. He said he was "really sleepy and wanted to be comfy and cozy." This is what he looked like on the couch, eyes closed inside this pillow case.

And the next time I walked by him, he now had the Spiderman hooded towel over his head and another blanket on top of him.

February 23
Mondays and Wednesdays are generally Workbox Days. This is one of Dash's.

And one of Sissy's. This is one of the gifts Aunt Cary and family got Sissy for her birthday.

February 24
I said I wasn't going to talk about vegan stuff on this blog anymore, but this really was the most exciting part of our day. And they were the only pictures I ended up taking. The kids were excited to open up our box of goodies from Vegan Essentials.

February 25

I'm continuing on with organizing and moving things around in my house. Everything has been in disarray, and I'm trying to make things fit better. I moved the black shelves from my bedroom to the boys' room (and the red shelves, which now need to be painted pink, to Sissy's room), therefore I moved my scrapbooking stuff to the hallway closet.

Of course, now I've got a find a spot for the stuff I took out of the closet.

I've got some serious piles going on right now. I'm sure my sister Cary's heart is beating faster just looking at these pictures.

Tons of random stuff to put in different tubs in the attic. I'm posting these pictures for this purpose: if you come to my house a month from now, I'll have to feel shame from knowing that you know this mess has been here since February 25.

Plus, it seems like when I post pictures of the good stuff about my life, some people have a negative reaction. Whenever people judge others' lives based on a few blog pictures, they're doing themselves an injustice. I've even had people say they don't want to read my blog because it makes them feel inferior. Huh?! Come on over and meet me sometime.

February 26
Better late than never...somehow we never got to exchange Christmas presents with Ryan's parents. (Snow storms, tornadoes, Ryan's out-of-town trips, birthdays, and illness all got in the way.) They drove down last night, and today the kids got to have a little Christmas in February. And Ryan got to replenish his t-shirt, underwear, and sock supply, which always makes him happy.

February 27
Nona and Grandpa went home today. They give the kids such undivided attention, they are always sorry to see them go! Come back soon!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Project 365: The One Where I No Longer Have the Flu

February 12
After Sissy's fun princess birthday party, my sister-in-law Michele and I took 2 of her kids, 2 of my kids, and 1 of my sister Cary's kids to see Tangled. The girls were still wearing their princess dresses from the party. If you have seen the movie, you will understand why my niece is carrying a frying pan.

February 13
My amazing husband cleaned up all of the party mess while I was napping today.

He washed all of the dishes and neatly stacked everything else in a pile on the counter. Everything might still be a mess if he hadn't done this for me.

February 14
Valentine's Day Party with my kids and my sister and her kids. Dash was especially excited about his gift from my parents: a reusable lunch bag and a Sonic Colors DS game.

February 15
Some of the Valentine's crafts the kids made - Tornado made the top three, and Sissy made the caterpillar. They based these off ideas from DLTK.

February 16
I won a blog giveaway from the very artistic Greta at Gremadcha! It is a child size necklace, and I got to choose the stone and initial. I picked an R for Sissy's real name, and I gave it to her for her birthday. Actually, we had Sleeping Beauty give it to her, which I'll explain if I ever get around to posting about her birthday. She loves her new necklace. Thank you, Greta!

Since I had a hard time getting a clear picture of the necklace, I'm stealing a picture from Greta's blog. She has an etsy shop here with very cute and unique necklaces, headbands, and knitted hats and brooches. Check it out!

February 17
I had (what I believe was) the flu. This is where I've spent a lot of time this week.

February 18
After hitting the concrete floor, Dash's head recovered with the help of some frozen kale.

February 19
Sissy had the best kind of day at a Fancy Nancy birthday party for her friend.

February 20
Tornado finished another 550 piece puzzle. A record of 6 missing pieces this time, which I'm sure were enjoyed by the dogs.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Project 365: Birthday Party Weekend Begins

February 10
Look who came for a visit.

his sister, too

February 11
the last night my baby girl will be 3

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Project 365: And Yet Again

February 9
view from upstairs window today

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Project 365: Indoor Basketball Casualty

February 8
We had our first indoor basketball casualty. I wish I could say it wasn't the result of a flared temper. And that there weren't many crumbs that had to be wiped from the counter before I felt comfortable taking this picture.

Update: To clarify, the flared temper wasn't mine. Nor Ryan's. Nor Tornado's. Nor Sissy's.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Project 365: 102 Degrees

Don't let the half smile fool you. Someone doesn't feel well today.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Project 365: Family Basketball

February 6

The kids and Ryan had a very intense round of indoor basketball today. Afterward, they all felt, as Sissy put into words, "very sweaty." I love the way Sissy says "sweaty." SWE-tee with a very clicky "t."


I have many more action shots of all four of them. But the world might not be ready for Ryan's too-short, red, flannel pants.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Project 365: Bedtime Stories

February 5
Our bedtime stories for tonight were: Finn Cooks, Madeline, All Aboard the Dino Train, There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Shell, and Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Project 365: Sissy's Treat From Daddy

February 4
Sissy requested (via this blog) a few days ago that Daddy bring her home a "treat." He has been in Tampa and Jacksonville, Florida all week. She is very excited about her sea turtle "mood" necklace with a PINK rope chain. Sadly...the boys did not get a treat, as they received "bad reports" from Mommy. Better luck next time, Boys.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Project 365: lack of productivity continues

February 3

Let's see what I can blame my lack of productivity on today...

I actually have some pretty darn good excuses. While we braved the frigid air this morning to take Tornado to school, we realized the sliding doors (of my's not a mini-van...i repeat: it's not a mini-van) on one side were frozen shut. The other side opened, but then it wouldn't latch properly. I tried and tried, with frozen fingers (Where are my gloves when I need them?) and couldn't get it to shut all the way. Since it was parked just slightly downhill, it seemed it would at least remain closed while driving. As soon as we hit the first incline in our neighborhood, the door flew open. My poor children shivered in the back as I turned back home. We were definitely going to be late for school now.

I used this thin string, which was sadly the thickest I could find in a hurry plus one of Ryan's belt to loop it shut as best as possible for the drive to school. When we went up a hill, I had to reach back across with one hand and hold the door shut so that it wouldn't burst through the strength of the belt.

After dropping my eldest off at school, I drove straight to my Dad's house to see if he could fix it. He couldn't tell what was wrong, but he did replace the belt with these plastic pull ties. That held it closed better, without the need for me to drive irresponsibly with my arm across the car. I knew my Dad would have the answer!

What I didn't mention yet is that all of this was more complicated because I didn't have a working phone. My Droid officially zonked out last night. (One of the prongs inside the phone that holds the charger broke off, and now it can't be charged.) This totally freaked me out because Ryan has been gone on a business ALL WEEK. I already don't like to be alone at night, let alone without a phone in case of emergency. I lay in bed at midnight last night, formulating plans for what I would do if a kid fell down the stairs in the middle of the night or if I heard someone trying to break in.

None of this is anguishing or worth complaining about clearly. We're all fine and no tears were shed (although maybe a slight, short wail escaped from my mouth a couple of times). It's all just minor annoyances that make one's day a little more hectic. After I finally got Dash to his co-op (where my students were patiently waiting on their 4 minutes late teacher...a couple of those minutes are blamed on having to pressure my 5 year old out of the car: "I don't want to go to school!" "Come on now! I AM LATE! Fine! I'm leaving you in the cold car." Of course, he followed.) and taught my class, I headed over to the phone store where I tried to figure out the situation with my Droid. Since Ryan is an employee, he's apparently the one who has to take care of these issues. My only choice (besides going another day without a phone) was to purchase a prepaid phone. $50 later, I realize that I'm only kidding myself with my dreams of becoming Amish. A phone without internet?! I'm freaking out already. I actually have to punch a, b, then c to type c when I send a text! I forgot about those days, ha!

At least I have an excuse for the counters still being covered...

Come home, Daddy! 4 days is long enough!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Project 365: Before and After...organizing?

February 2
I've been trying to do little organizing jobs lately, little by little because somehow my house has gotten way too cluttered - nothing you would notice if you came to visit. No, it's all hidden properly inside cabinet doors. I have, however, done splendid jobs lately cleaning out my fridge, freezer, and walk-in pantry.

My next step today was my "cookbook cabinet" which had somehow morphed into my junk cabinet. It's where all my cute decorating stuff is, like for Muffin Tin Monday. And somehow it has become the cabinet I stick all the leftover decorating and party favor items minutes before company arrives before festivities. There is a miscellaneous hodgepodge from several parties in there. And whenever I print off a recipe, I just open the cabinet and throw it in, shutting the door as quickly as possible. See all the stuff on the counter? I don't even know how it was fitting inside this cabinet with the rest of the stuff remaining. That big broken-down box was even in there. plan was to show you the before picture I took this morning, then I'd snap a picture of the "after," to prove how clever and productive I was today.

However, it's bedtime for me, (I hit a point in which I can clean, cook, and organize no longer. Sadly, it comes at about 7:30 these days.) and so this mess will remain on my countertop until tomorrow. Dash and Sissy - especially Sissy did a great job unloading the cabinet for me. I thought if I had them take everything out, it would force me to deal with it. This picture doesn't adequately capture how long my counter is and how thoroughly covered it is right now. Tomorrow is another day. Just please don't stop by unannounced.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Project 365: Sissy Art

February 1
Sissy made these in art class today. She said the first one was for practice. She also wants to point out that the second picture has "sparklies" even though you can't really tell in this picture. And, "I love you, Daddy." And that she used "all different colors" of tissue paper. And, "Also, I want to say one more thing...Daddy, on your trip, can you buy a treat for me?"

P.S. Happy birthday, Ryan!

Project 365: Catch Up

January 29
We were excited to take a short trip to Missouri this weekend. My niece G (above, with her Mom) was taking part in a community theater production of Oliver!. If you can't tell, she played an orphan boy. She even had solo singing parts! We were so proud of her!

In other news:
My nephew O, looking adorable in his little uniform, won second place for his Pinewood Derby Car at Cub Scouts...

...great minds think alike...

...and my kids always really love heading to the small town my Grandpa lives in.

They could spend all day just wandering around his yard and land, climbing hills and trees or simply "cleaning things" with the brushes that are always sitting outside and filling the buckets with sticks or whatever other treasures they come up with.

January 30
We've gotten to spend a lot of time outdoors the past couple of days. The weather has been wonderful. We also had company in the form of Aunt Patsy and Uncle Chuck, who were visiting from Missouri. They came over to see our house for the first time. Dash, especially, enjoyed giving them a tour of our house and 1.25 acres. I'd say that Chuck (who appreciates and enjoys the rough and tumble aspect of Dash) is now one of his favorite people.

January 31
Ryan was out of town for business meetings, so the kids and I went to Little Rock for some shopping (Whole Foods and Party City). We also met up with my mom and dad who have a Sam's Club membership. We loaded up on bulk toilet paper and bulk produce, etc. Sam's has lots of healthy food choices.