Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Project 365: And Now I'm Caught Up

Hopefully, now, I will go back to my daily Project 365 posts instead of letting it pile up on me like this. It makes it really hard to keep up with "what" happened "when." So - disclaimer - I'm not 100% positive every picture goes with every day, but if not, it's pretty close, and the information is accurate. This is the point in which my sister Cary would say, "Just post a picture and make up a date," just like she may or may not have done in her scrapbook. I have "weird" honesty/accuracy requirements for myself, though. I'm honest. I'm "weird" like that.

Sunday, April 27
The bad part about today is Daddy (Ryan) left us for 5 whole days. Booooo! He had job training in Dallas. The good thing is he was able to take a few days off last week during Spring Break. He worked a lot outside, trimming, cleaning up our land...

and mowing. It now seems like our 1.25 acres is so much bigger. He finished up right before he left to make his flight.

The kids and I went to Sam's Club with Mom and Dad. And, YAY!, I now have my own card.

Monday, March 28
Today, my sister-in-law sent me these pictures of my nieces and nephews. My 9 year old niece sold out her wares at this craft fair.

And how beautiful are they at a fashion show?

Tuesday, March 29
I now have the butterfly/vegetable garden I've always wanted. It's a work in progress, though, so more will be added.

Happy birthday to my now 6 year old!

Wednesday, March 30
I also have some houseplants now! Because our house is designed so contemporary, it doesn't always feel very "homey" to me. That has been my project lately: make our house a home. I think the plants help, plus I always like having indoor plants for improving air quality.

Thursday, March 31
My 6 year old and I have been butting heads a lot lately. I wouldn't normally want my kids out of my sight for this long, but my parents happened to ask if they could take him on a mini-vacay at just the right moment (my breaking point). I also thought it would be helpful as I was cleaning house and getting ready for his Saturday birthday party. My Mom texted me this picture today of him with his 2 year old cousin.

I'm afraid he wasn't always on his best behavior...

...but at least he got to spend time with loved ones. And I know he appreciated the special attention.

Friday, April 1
I was ahead of the game this time. Most of the party decorations are prepared and were hung by the time I went to bed.

*Best parts of the day: Daddy and Dash both came home! Yay! Ryan pulled into the driveway several hours before I thought his flight even arrived.

Also - I didn't realize it was April Fool's Day until later on in the day. Tornado, Sissy, and I were going to Wal-Mart. I was trying as hard as I could to think of a fun prank to pull on the kids, but nothing was coming to me. I finally just looked in the rear view mirror and exclaimed, "(His real name), there's a worm on your head!" He immediately started squealing, bouncing up and down, and swiping at his head before I said, "April Fools!" He thought that was really funny.

However, I soon regretted even bringing up the holiday because those two would not let it go. The entire ride to Wal-Mart and the entire walk around Wal-Mart consisted of one joke after the next. And they weren't terribly funny, either; bless their hearts. :) It was all, "Mom! There's an airplane on the ceiling...April Fools!", "There's a monster! April Fools!" I tried to laugh and play along the best I could...but this got old really quickly.

This was actually the funniest one: there was some sort of advertisement on the baby carrots package about a "trip to Hollywood." So Tornado said, "Mom! The carrots are going to Hollywood...April Fools!" haha.

Saturday, April 4

My 6 year old's big birthday party. Pictures to come...professional photographer took them, and I don't have them back yet.

Sunday, April 3
Lots more life left in the big cardboard boxes we used for fun and decoration at Dash's birthday party.

Monday, April 4
Sissy is running to see Daddy as he pulled into the driveway. She was breathlessly saying, "Daddy's home, Daddy's home" the whole time.

Tuesday, April 5
Ryan did the dishes for me after I went to bed - for the second night in a row! And since my friend Ambra washed all of my dishes after the birthday party, I'm getting very spoiled.

Wednesday, April 6
The kids found a bag of marbles that I had hidden when Dash was younger. (He was terrible about putting small objects in his mouth. I had to go through the house and bag up EVERYTHING that was a choking hazard. I didn't have to do that with the other two.) Anyway, the have been playing marbles all morning!

They make ramps with objects on the train table. Apparently, soccer shin guards make great ramps.


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