Thursday, April 28, 2011

Project 365: Storms & a Royal Wedding

Monday, April 25
I couldn't capture all of the weather craziness on camera. The kids and I sat in the under-the-stairs closet for a bit, thanking the Lord when Daddy made it home safely. Our home and trees remained unscathed. Our neighboring town, Vilonia, sadly didn't fare as well.

Tuesday, April 26
My sweet hubby, washing dishes before bed. As I lounged on the couch. I'm kidding.

Wednesday, April 27
Tornado and I went to Little Rock in the afternoon to run some errands. We also stopped by the library where I checked out England/Great Britain books, and he got a stack of Disney (and a Cars) comic books.

Thursday, April 28
Who else is excited about the wedding?! We're all set for our early morning breakfast/viewing party! (It's not too late for you to make custom Will & Kate plates of your own...)

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Annette W. said...

Yesterday I was looking at the map and was thankful to not see your town. We'll keep praying that you stay safe!