Saturday, February 23, 2019

On to October

     Before our Texas trip, these two auditioned for a local homeschool group's play, Aladdin. We couldn't make the live audition, so they sent in audition tapes. They made up a little Charlotte's Web skit, which was pretty cute. I am always so proud of my children when they have enough bravery to do the things that I was too afraid to do when I was young. Sis even sent in a tape of her singing Like I'm Gonna Lose You (Meghan Trainor) because she wanted a singing part. There is no part of my 11 year old self that could have done that! (I would have wanted to, but I don't think I could have followed through.) She's so much like me, so much like I was back then - painfully shy at times. I love to see that she takes my encouragement and advice and challenges herself to overcome. 

     AND they were rewarded for their effort. Sis got the role of Princess Jasmine, and Ninja would be Razoul. Now they would be preparing for two plays. They were already working on The Cat in the Hat in their homeschool academy theater classes.

     We always have our regular game of Kahoot! to review our history/geography lesson. That's Dash's very creative typing abilities/person.

practicing addition

Field Trip
     I had signed Ninja and I up to attend a field trip at the fire station with our homeschool group. The other kids had been to the fire station when they were young, and he hadn't gotten the opportunity yet. Plus, I like to plan little outings like this for one kid at a time. It's nice to have some one-on-one bonding.

     I don't know what it is, but I always just love fire station field trips. It literally makes me want to become a fire fighter. After one guy said there really isn't an age limit, I was mentally trying to decide whether I could get in shape to pass the fitness part! (I'm laughing at myself right now.) I asked so many questions because I find it all fascinating. Their job. The station itself and the living quarters. I think I might have missed my calling haha. (However, when I have since told my kids that I want to become a firefighter, they expressed adamantly that they do not want their mother going into burning buildings.)

     It really bothers me that I didn't crop that random arm out of this photo, but it seems too exhausting to edit it now. More importantly, my little man sure is cute.

     Speaking of cute, he specifically asked if we could wear our matching constellation shirts. I can't remember who got dressed first. (I don't know how we both ended up with constellation shirts, either; they were bought at different times.) But it was totally his idea for us to match. That makes me so happy.

     Speaking of matching (and nothing to do with the fire station field trip), this was another random day that he asked if we could match - with royal blue tops and black bottoms. I will be grateful for the rest of my life for this kind of sweetness he has brought into my life.

Homeschool Academy
 building (beautifully colored) bridges to hold weight in Junkbox Wars class

more craft stick building for Ninja

and more bridge building for Dash

     Dash and Tornado have Robotics class together.

Friends' Birthday Parties/Sleepover
     Dash got invited to an air soft gun birthday party for one of his friends. He had shot air soft guns before with friends in the neighborhood, but this was his first full air soft gun battle experience.

     Several of his school buddies were there, and they also played with strangers.
     It was pretty serious! (He had lots of fun.)

     Ninja attended a friend's birthday party this month, too.

          It was held at a gymnastic's place. They also got to swim.

      Ninja is so social. He is always in the middle of things. My big kids have commented before that at school, they often get the "Are you ______ (his real name)'s brother/sister?" Like, I am often "_______'s mom."

      Sister's friend spent the night one night. They baked cookies.

Exercise/Special Kid Time
     We miss the RV park life of riding bikes around more freely. Tornado and I decided to ride our bikes to Dairy Queen, which is almost a mile from our house, so he could get a smoothie. It was a lovely ride, and he is anxious to do it again sometime.

     September and October were busy months for us traveling. There were a couple of events and reunions I had to attend. During one of my trips, the kids spent a few days at the farm with their Grandma and Grandpa. Ryan had a business trip in Indianapolis, which is only a few hours away, therefore he was able to join them for all but one day of the trip.

     sibling/cousin fun

going out to eat

     I hope these two are friends forever.

Momma's Night Out
     I had a rare night out in Tampa with a few of my friends. I got to try out The Melting Pot (and its 4 course meal), and I am now a big fan! (Next time, though, I'm going to cut it down to 3 courses, though; I was too full!

Kitty Update
      Cali still lets the kittens nurse. I love that my Baby Girl is into attachment parenting just like her Momma (me). :)

     And they are still unbelievably irresistible.

New Recipe
     Our favorite new recipe we have tried at home is buffalo cauliflower. It's something we are always delighted to order at restaurants when they have it. It wasn't too difficult to make, and every little piece was devoured. 12 thumbs up.

Friday, February 22, 2019

    Last full day in San Antonio: lunch at Green. Here's my last little tribute to them.

     I found a new museum by searching for things to do. It's the Doseum located at 2800 Broadway in San Antonio. It's 5.5 acres of pure fun. There was, indeed, LEARNing, EXPLOREing, and CREATEing taking place.

Sis took a special computer/coding class.

playing around with the green screen

     This was one of our favorite exhibits. You color a house, building, or form of transportation and then scan it. It shows up on the huge, active screen.

     It was fun to spot your art as it moved around.

stop-motion drawing

      Tornado was in his element creating a comic.

building a creation that could withstand being dropped

talking about meals astronauts could eat in space and creating meals with clay/combining colors to create new colors

Dash, dreaming about the future

     Tornado loved the exhibit with recycled objects. I think he would love for his bedroom walls to look like this.

More scenes from Doseum:
      I really think this was the BEST children's museum we have ever visited. There is indoor and outdoor space. We will definitely go again.

      We met Wimpy and Liz at La Fiesta Patio Cafe in Universal City. This is one of our traditions - they have taken us there since I was young. It is a healthier version (with vegan/vegetarian options) of authentic Mexican food. We had to say goodbye to them here after we ate. That's always a sad thing to do!

      I really love these two so much.

      Our one fun thing we definitely do on our drive from Texas to Florida - if the timing is right - is stop at the restaurant Seed. We always pose with this cow and sign, too. We have roamed around New Orleans on other trips, but it was too late to do anything during this drive.

     Aaaaand, our favorite thing about Seed are the vegan beignets. It's something we have never been able to get anywhere else. The kids always comment that beignets remind them of The Princess and the Frog.