Saturday, November 27, 2010

More Postcards from NYC

Havin' a good time in NYC! Lots to do!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Postcards from NYC

Miss you! Wish you were here!

Love from NYC...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shh...don't tell Sissy about this...

I mentioned recently that I had the opportunity to review a $40 product for CSN Stores. (I recently reviewed this car cooler from CSN.) This time, instead of choosing a "helpful" product, I wanted to go with a "fun" item.

And that's what I got! Fun for Sissy, anyway. And the boys, too. And fun for me to watch.

This is the Guidecraft Doll High Chair in Espresso. It came in this box, but there weren't too many parts. The directions were simple for someone like me who doesn't love to put things together. Only a screwdriver was required. It sells for $42.

As always, I received excellent customer service from CSN and a super speedy shipping time. I placed my order on Friday and received my shipment on Tuesday.

I had the great fortune of also winning a recent $45 CSN giveaway on Live, Learn, Love's blog.

When I saw the matching doll buggy, I knew I'd found what I wanted. It is the Guidecraft Doll Buggy in Espresso. It sells for $58.80. My only complaint about these products is this: there was a slight smell when I opened the package. I don't know if it was from any pressed wood parts, the stain, the plastic packaging. Online, I read a review that said it was the rubber wheels. Regardless, I am cautious about what materials my kids play with, but the smell seemed to go away after that initial unwrapping.

I love them! I think they're so pretty. I love the way the dark wood matches in her room. We haven't had much luck with the plastic/metal strollers and shopping carts. Ours have fallen apart. I thought they could use this as a shopping cart and doll buggy. I hope these will be a little more durable.

Here is another review I found for the Guidecraft Wooden Stroller. This person seemed to love it, too. And you can see the other color of stroller and highchair that CSN sells: natural.

It might seem like I was "playing" a little bit more than necessary by these pictures...I might have been.

I can't wait until she sees these under the tree on Christmas morning...shh, don't tell her!

Thank you, as always, CSN, for giving bloggers the opportunities to try out your products! You guys are the best. I am offering a $40 CSN Gift Certificate to one lucky winner on my food blog. I'll pick a number tonight (Thursday night around 9 p.m.).

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pei Wei and Gifts from Asia

I accidentally forgot to change the date of my post today. If you're just checking my blog to see if there is a new post, it can be found here:

Sorry about that.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Soccer Season Ends

Soccer is officially over for the season. It is bittersweet because we really loved this season. I could use the extra few hours a week, though, that's for sure.

Here are a couple of pictures from Sissy's season, which ended a couple of weeks ago.

Dash's team, after his game Saturday

This is Dash's fellow Illini friend I've mentioned. When we were in Champaign last weekend, we bought the boys matching sweatbands. (This is because his friend sometimes wears sweatbands for soccer. The joke is that's where his "secret powers" come from.)

We really feel blessed this year that he was put on the perfect team for him. He had an amazing coach who was fun, supportive, and challenging. The kids really improved this season. And we made great friends, too.

I'm looking forward to reviewing another product from CSN. (CSN Stores is your one spot shopping source for everything from dining sets to baby toys.) I can't decide what I want to review...a few of my choices so far: a cotton candy maker, a coffee table, or a doll highchair for Sissy. I'm also hosting a $40 CSN giveaway which starts tomorrow on my other blog.