Sunday, April 24, 2011

Project 365: Monkey Brain Shakes

Saturday, April 23
This morning Dash had a soccer game. We spent a relaxing day at the house, puttering around and completing a few chores here and there. This afternoon, I took Sissy and Tornado to Little Rock for a Whole Foods trip. Dash missed out because he was throwing rocks around his brother and sister for the second time of the day. (He was warned, then he lost the privilege of going with Mommy. We're making sure he knows how serious we are about him being careful around his siblings - especially after the Sissy/black eye incident.) Sissy and Tornado shared a cookie with a free coupon I had. They also filled their boxes from the salad bar for the drive home and ordered Monkey Brain milkshakes. These consist of soymilk, bananas, peanut butter, and chocolate syrup.

I stayed up later than normal tonight, cleaning the kitchen, filling Easter baskets, baking Easter muffins, and chopping vegetables for tomorrow's meal.

We had to put our car back in the shop this week since they were unable to get the air conditioning to work last week. But finally, we got it back, and it feels amazing to go places now without sweating. Once when we were borrowing my parents' car, I had the windows down, feeling miserable and once again reminded of why I really don't want to be Amish (no matter how much I think I do at times) - it dawned on me, what am I doing? I forgot we're in my parents' car; we have air conditioning!

This might be a good time to add something to my Gratitude List, which I haven't done in awhile: #362 - cars, #363 - my parents' willingness to loan me their car in a time of need, #364 - car air conditioning, #365 - Monkey Brain Shakes.

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Annette W. said...

Happy Easter to you!

When I go to visit my Amish neighbor in the summer, I have to make sure I don't go on too hot of days. Once last summer it was about 80...and fairly humid. My kids' hair was soaked by the time we left...and the visit was less than 2 hours!