Friday, April 15, 2011

Project 365: a painting, some armor, and gymnastics

Wednesday, April 13
One of our home's newest works of art! My 10 year old painted this; it's a self-portrait. I love it! It's hanging in the kids' bathroom, but I love it so much I may find a place for it downstairs.

Thursday, April 14
He said this is his "armor."

Friday, April 15
The two little ones had homeschool gymnastics today. It's one of their favorite days of the month.
I don't know what is up with these two. It's like they automatically latch onto one another to pose for pictures. Which is really sweet, of course, and they do this off camera, as well. Yet, they fought like CRAZY this afternoon. It drove me BONKERS. They started fighting in the backside while waiting in the car line to pick up their big brother. And there was hardly anything I could do about it because we were in the middle of the car line! They were pounding on each other, screaming, stealing stuff from one another, and I had to keep driving. I'd be more concerned, but I have definitive memories of rolling around on the ground, in pain and causing pain to my brother. And we love each other a lot.

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Greta said...

I am all about kids framed art work! I have a whole stack ready to frame. Since I'm running out of wall space we may need to move...............................