Friday, April 22, 2011

Project 365: girl trip to St. Louis and Sissy's first big boo-boo

Saturday, April 16
After Dash's (super chilly!!!) soccer game this morning, Sissy and I packed our bags (seriously, I didn't pack until right before we walked out the door) and drove to St. Louis. We were very excited to see Cary, Andy, Rush, Puddy, Winnie (and her windsock she made at preschool).

Just a funny little quote from Sissy when we were about to leave our house, "Does Cary have a trashcan?" She had a piece of paper in her hand. "Yeeees, why?" She giggled, "So I can throw something away."

Sunday, April 17
The girls were all matching and fancy during our morning lunch at Rooster and visit to a downtown bookstore.

Sissy isn't wearing her matching necklace, anymore, because Rush kept wanting to wear it. I wrote more about our trip, including all of the food we ate, on my other blog. I'm going to make another post about our fun afternoon at the princess tea party.

Monday, April 18
Today, we met up with Cary's neighbors for a fun morning at Lafayette Park, which is a really neat place to go. They fed the birds, played at the playground area, danced, and ran around.

After lunch, we packed up and headed home. We had a great time and didn't want to leave! Sissy said she wanted to move in with Winnie. It was a really hot day. I picked the wrong time to leave (my naptime, ha!). Sissy fell right to sleep, which I wished I could have done. And get this: I still don't have airconditioning in my car. It was WAAAARM. The flashing lights woke me up, though, as I was pulled over for "potentially driving too fast." I didn't get a ticket, though, because he didn't really know how fast I was driving. (It was too fast.)

Tuesday, April 19
Right before bedtime, I said to Ryan, "Oh, I forgot to take a picture today. Looks like it's going to have to be of you!" He didn't agree, so I took a picture of the dogs' nightly, growly, wrestling play.

Wednesday, April 20
Sissy's eye accidentally met with the 18 inch wooden bat held in the hand of her 6 year old brother. After-hours medical exchange was called.

Thursday, April 21

Friday, April 22
It just keeps getting worse. My sweet little girl.


Cary said...

Thanks for coming! We had a great time. W asks every day when y'all are coming back.

Jenilee said...

their matching dresses are too cute! and her poor eye!! that is not fun at all. I hate when my girls get hurt :(