Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Project 365: Catch Up

January 29
We were excited to take a short trip to Missouri this weekend. My niece G (above, with her Mom) was taking part in a community theater production of Oliver!. If you can't tell, she played an orphan boy. She even had solo singing parts! We were so proud of her!

In other news:
My nephew O, looking adorable in his little uniform, won second place for his Pinewood Derby Car at Cub Scouts...

...great minds think alike...

...and my kids always really love heading to the small town my Grandpa lives in.

They could spend all day just wandering around his yard and land, climbing hills and trees or simply "cleaning things" with the brushes that are always sitting outside and filling the buckets with sticks or whatever other treasures they come up with.

January 30
We've gotten to spend a lot of time outdoors the past couple of days. The weather has been wonderful. We also had company in the form of Aunt Patsy and Uncle Chuck, who were visiting from Missouri. They came over to see our house for the first time. Dash, especially, enjoyed giving them a tour of our house and 1.25 acres. I'd say that Chuck (who appreciates and enjoys the rough and tumble aspect of Dash) is now one of his favorite people.

January 31
Ryan was out of town for business meetings, so the kids and I went to Little Rock for some shopping (Whole Foods and Party City). We also met up with my mom and dad who have a Sam's Club membership. We loaded up on bulk toilet paper and bulk produce, etc. Sam's has lots of healthy food choices.

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Little Rock, huh? That sounds fun.