Friday, January 28, 2011

Project 365: Valentine's Day Sensory Tub

January 27
While cleaning out the pantry, I found an unsealed tub of rice. I decided to make it into a Valentine's Day Sensory Tub.

I added large heart sequins, checkered wooden hearts, wooden Valentine ladybugs, and red, pink, and white heart buttons. (The Valentine's additions were marked down at Hobby Lobby.)

January 28
The kids were excited to find it this morning when they woke up. They have been playing with it on and off all day. I knew Sissy would love it. The boys loved it just as much. They used funnels, a measuring cup, a scooper, a measuring spoon, plastic cups, and a chemistry set vial. And the mess has stayed pretty contained, thank goodness.

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Mom2three said...

Fun activities. I used to do some things similar for our youngest who had major sensory issues. We used gummy fishing worms, some spiral noodles, rice, and more. We actually used to put his feet in it as part of his therapy. I think now he would thoroughly have enjoyed playing with your Valentine's Day Sensory Tub! Great learning times!