Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Project 365: Before and After...organizing?

February 2
I've been trying to do little organizing jobs lately, little by little because somehow my house has gotten way too cluttered - nothing you would notice if you came to visit. No, it's all hidden properly inside cabinet doors. I have, however, done splendid jobs lately cleaning out my fridge, freezer, and walk-in pantry.

My next step today was my "cookbook cabinet" which had somehow morphed into my junk cabinet. It's where all my cute decorating stuff is, like for Muffin Tin Monday. And somehow it has become the cabinet I stick all the leftover decorating and party favor items minutes before company arrives before festivities. There is a miscellaneous hodgepodge from several parties in there. And whenever I print off a recipe, I just open the cabinet and throw it in, shutting the door as quickly as possible. See all the stuff on the counter? I don't even know how it was fitting inside this cabinet with the rest of the stuff remaining. That big broken-down box was even in there. plan was to show you the before picture I took this morning, then I'd snap a picture of the "after," to prove how clever and productive I was today.

However, it's bedtime for me, (I hit a point in which I can clean, cook, and organize no longer. Sadly, it comes at about 7:30 these days.) and so this mess will remain on my countertop until tomorrow. Dash and Sissy - especially Sissy did a great job unloading the cabinet for me. I thought if I had them take everything out, it would force me to deal with it. This picture doesn't adequately capture how long my counter is and how thoroughly covered it is right now. Tomorrow is another day. Just please don't stop by unannounced.


Annette W. said...

Wow, your kitchen must be huge!!

I love that you posted this. That is totally me. Start. Have good intentions. Finish a different day. (Hopefully.)

kdguice said...

I am SO GLAD you're not perfect! I was beginning to suspect you weren't human... ;)

Jenny said...

Oh, sweet Kerry...spend a day with me at my house, and you'll see how imperfect I am.