Sunday, February 20, 2011

Project 365: The One Where I No Longer Have the Flu

February 12
After Sissy's fun princess birthday party, my sister-in-law Michele and I took 2 of her kids, 2 of my kids, and 1 of my sister Cary's kids to see Tangled. The girls were still wearing their princess dresses from the party. If you have seen the movie, you will understand why my niece is carrying a frying pan.

February 13
My amazing husband cleaned up all of the party mess while I was napping today.

He washed all of the dishes and neatly stacked everything else in a pile on the counter. Everything might still be a mess if he hadn't done this for me.

February 14
Valentine's Day Party with my kids and my sister and her kids. Dash was especially excited about his gift from my parents: a reusable lunch bag and a Sonic Colors DS game.

February 15
Some of the Valentine's crafts the kids made - Tornado made the top three, and Sissy made the caterpillar. They based these off ideas from DLTK.

February 16
I won a blog giveaway from the very artistic Greta at Gremadcha! It is a child size necklace, and I got to choose the stone and initial. I picked an R for Sissy's real name, and I gave it to her for her birthday. Actually, we had Sleeping Beauty give it to her, which I'll explain if I ever get around to posting about her birthday. She loves her new necklace. Thank you, Greta!

Since I had a hard time getting a clear picture of the necklace, I'm stealing a picture from Greta's blog. She has an etsy shop here with very cute and unique necklaces, headbands, and knitted hats and brooches. Check it out!

February 17
I had (what I believe was) the flu. This is where I've spent a lot of time this week.

February 18
After hitting the concrete floor, Dash's head recovered with the help of some frozen kale.

February 19
Sissy had the best kind of day at a Fancy Nancy birthday party for her friend.

February 20
Tornado finished another 550 piece puzzle. A record of 6 missing pieces this time, which I'm sure were enjoyed by the dogs.


Greta said...

Hooray for princess parties! Thanks for blogging the necklaces it is much appreciated:)

Annette W. said...

I feel like it's been forever since we've been in touch! It sounds like you've been really busy...and fun.

We've been good and busy, too. (Enough that I am considering stopping a Bible study...)

M will be getting a grown up necklace for her 5th birthday, I think. That's the plan anyway. And a pillow pet. She is desperate for one...but not willing to spend her money. (We counted it out from her piggy bank...I exchanged the 20 dollar bill for ones so she would understand just how much it would cost.)

Have a great day!