Thursday, February 3, 2011

Project 365: lack of productivity continues

February 3

Let's see what I can blame my lack of productivity on today...

I actually have some pretty darn good excuses. While we braved the frigid air this morning to take Tornado to school, we realized the sliding doors (of my's not a mini-van...i repeat: it's not a mini-van) on one side were frozen shut. The other side opened, but then it wouldn't latch properly. I tried and tried, with frozen fingers (Where are my gloves when I need them?) and couldn't get it to shut all the way. Since it was parked just slightly downhill, it seemed it would at least remain closed while driving. As soon as we hit the first incline in our neighborhood, the door flew open. My poor children shivered in the back as I turned back home. We were definitely going to be late for school now.

I used this thin string, which was sadly the thickest I could find in a hurry plus one of Ryan's belt to loop it shut as best as possible for the drive to school. When we went up a hill, I had to reach back across with one hand and hold the door shut so that it wouldn't burst through the strength of the belt.

After dropping my eldest off at school, I drove straight to my Dad's house to see if he could fix it. He couldn't tell what was wrong, but he did replace the belt with these plastic pull ties. That held it closed better, without the need for me to drive irresponsibly with my arm across the car. I knew my Dad would have the answer!

What I didn't mention yet is that all of this was more complicated because I didn't have a working phone. My Droid officially zonked out last night. (One of the prongs inside the phone that holds the charger broke off, and now it can't be charged.) This totally freaked me out because Ryan has been gone on a business ALL WEEK. I already don't like to be alone at night, let alone without a phone in case of emergency. I lay in bed at midnight last night, formulating plans for what I would do if a kid fell down the stairs in the middle of the night or if I heard someone trying to break in.

None of this is anguishing or worth complaining about clearly. We're all fine and no tears were shed (although maybe a slight, short wail escaped from my mouth a couple of times). It's all just minor annoyances that make one's day a little more hectic. After I finally got Dash to his co-op (where my students were patiently waiting on their 4 minutes late teacher...a couple of those minutes are blamed on having to pressure my 5 year old out of the car: "I don't want to go to school!" "Come on now! I AM LATE! Fine! I'm leaving you in the cold car." Of course, he followed.) and taught my class, I headed over to the phone store where I tried to figure out the situation with my Droid. Since Ryan is an employee, he's apparently the one who has to take care of these issues. My only choice (besides going another day without a phone) was to purchase a prepaid phone. $50 later, I realize that I'm only kidding myself with my dreams of becoming Amish. A phone without internet?! I'm freaking out already. I actually have to punch a, b, then c to type c when I send a text! I forgot about those days, ha!

At least I have an excuse for the counters still being covered...

Come home, Daddy! 4 days is long enough!

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Annette W. said...

UGH!!! Too much all at once with Ryan away. Get that phone soon, even though he has returned by now. :)