Saturday, January 15, 2011

Project 365: The Igloo That Almost Was, Green Smoothie, and Packin' Up Christmas...finally

January 13
My dad used to make these amazing igloos for us when we were growing up. But that was Missouri, and this is Arkansas (less snow, more sun); it didn't get finished, but the kids still thought it was cool.

January 14
Trying to keep up with all of my New Year's Resolutions: eat even healthier, put less salt on my food, drink more water, drink more green smoothies as a meal replacement, complain less inside my heart, etc.

January 15
We used to tease (harass) my Mom when we were growing up because some years the boxes of Christmas ornaments would sit in the back of the living room until February. Well, it's not quite February, and my location was the upstairs hallway, rather than the back of the living room...but all the same, "Sorry, Mom, for ever underestimating how hard it is."


Cary said...

I loved those igloos!
Ugh! Just buck up and put away the XMas decor!

Greta said...

What are green smoothies? I need to know!!!

Jenny said...

Well, THIS green smoothie probably contained frozen greens, fresh kale, frozen bananas, frozen strawberries,maca powder (because it supposedly is good for hormonal balance), and Raw Protein Powder (made from raw sprouts). Sound tasty? :)