Saturday, January 1, 2011

Silver Dollar City Christmas

I just wrote on my vegan blog that my OCD sometimes prevents me from blogging. When I think I can't blog about Christmas yet because I haven't finished writing about our vacation, I just stop blogging altogether. Which is silly and makes no sense. So I'm just going to pick a point and start back up. And everything will be wildly out of order, but you'll love it all, in spite of that. Right?

We drove up to Branson on the 26th to get one last use out of our Silver Dollar City passes. And to spend time with my family. If you live in driving distance at all and have never been to SDC, ESPECIALLY at Christmas, I highly recommend it. It feels magical and joyous, an old-fashioned Christmas mixed with amazing lights everywhere, and an emphasis on the real meaning of Christmas. (I really love the train ride, which includes lit decorations and the Christmas story.)

Matt and Pierson

That's the whole gang, from far left to the last stroller on the right. Well, some of the people in the back don't belong to us. Just 15 of them, plus me on the other side, taking pictures. Only Tracy and Andy weren't there. It was really cold! One of the highlights of the night was the parade that comes through.

I think my Mom loved the parade more than anyone.

And Sissy loved the princess more than anything.

Rush kept this same expression on his face the entire night. He was never upset, despite how cold it was, but he would only smile for his Momma.

Such Christmas joy, huh?


Annette W. said...

I definitely understand wanting to keep it all in order! That's why I will sometimes just skip over sections of "life."

Glad you had such a special day!

Cary said...

Such a fun night