Friday, January 7, 2011

Week Wrap-Up

weekly wrap-up
January 1, 2011
Ryan took the kids to see Yogi Bear at our brand-new, fancy theater. When they got home, 10 year old Tornado printed off a Yogi Bear page to color. If you want to get them talking, ask them about the movie. They will give you an earful, broken up in hysterics.

January 2
I think the winner of "Most Used Christmas Gift So Far" goes to the basketball goal from Googie and Papaw. It is played several times a day.

January 3
The kids played with their homemade nativity scenes. I saw this idea on Superheroes and Princesses and thought it was so cute because I wanted them to have a nativity to play with. The printable templates can be found at Catholic Icing.

January 4
Papaw had been to the dentist, and his mouth and face weren't feeling well. We were going to drive to his house so I could use their treadmill and juicer. My 5 year old came up to me with a dollar bill in his hand, "I know what will make Papaw feel better!" With a proud smile on his face, he presented Papaw with his gift. Sissy also brought him a quarter.

January 5
A Workbox Day!

What were in the boxes today?

3 year old Sissy
1) She had to follow this pattern with her drill set.
2) Decorate a picture with a page of stickers.
3) Put together her Dora puzzle.
4) Complete a few lessons on Starfall and practice writing the letters she learned.
5) Cut some strips of paper for a later art project.
6) Do a worksheet from her ABC Twiggles preschool curriculum.
7) a ballet tracing words/coloring sheet

5 year old Dash
1) Put together his new puzzle.
2) Create a design with his Connectagons.
3) Work on a few Time4Learning online lessons.
4) Complete a few hidden picture pages.
5) Basketball Graph
(I made graphs for him to keep track of how many shots he makes and misses. A definite hit!)
6) Complete several pages from his homeschool co-op Abeka phonics and math curriculum.
7) Cut some strips of paper for a later art project.

January 6
I blogged about our trip to The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge (based upon the book) and the art project that followed.

January 7
Dash had to complete a journal entry based on his Connectagons creation from Wednesday. He named it "Funny Tree" and wrote: It slides on his hose, and he eats dirt. He slides on his bottom. And he honks his nose."

January 8
Daddy got Sissy dressed after she got out of the shower. She spent the morning, dragging her feet around, declaring, "I don't look pretty!" (She thinks this only because she is wearing jeans.) This was one of the moments when I look at my child and think, "WHO are you?"

January 9
First snow of the year! We were having a family naptime this afternoon. Dash was the first to wake up and realize it was snowing. I could hear him whispering to his brother (the only one who didn't have to nap) who was in his cubby, "Hey! (Brother's name), it's snowing!" Then I could hear them opening the shades and marveling. "We have to tell Mom!" Pretty soon, 6 little eager eyes are peering over me. They were dressed to get outside in, seemingly, record time.


That's some of our week (leaving out the best part: a fun visit from cousin O and uncle M, which I'll write about another day), which I'm linking up to Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers. I'm going to try my hand at a version of this Project 365 thing, which I see so many of you doing. (For those of you who don't know, it's basicallly taking a picture every day for a year.) My first 9 days are here, and from now on I think I'll just post one picture a day (since some of my family checks my blog daily).


Kathleen said...

We haven't seen Yogi Bear yet, but I want to...I am sad our kids do not know Yogi Bear like we did! :)

Love the homemade nativity scenes!

wdworkman said...

I can't wait to see the Yogi Bear movie, but my kids (12 & 17 yo) don't seem too excited about it. I guess I'll have to wait until it's on cable.
Janet W