Friday, August 31, 2012

Sissy's Kindergarten Corner Weeks #2-3: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Here are some of Sissy's kindergarten activities (beyond her workbook pages) that I was able to photograph the past two weeks:

On their first day of homeschool co-op, I had made them a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom breakfast, to go along with our activities we've been doing lately.

banana with peanut butter, apples, grapes, and ABC cookies

tree from party store and post-it letters cut smaller

We specifically ate coconut several times while doing this unit. We sprinkled coconut flakes on our name cookies.

I made a vegan coconut cream pie. 

Eating coconut milk So Delicious is nothing new for us, but we did enjoy a new flavor, Passionate Mango.

We also served Ian's Alphatots this week.

I love these play dough mats. They printed off front/back, so I used this opportunity to practice odd/even/skip counting.

our sensory tub

I used sugar for the sand.

I mean, I'm going to get rid of all of the kids' toys because they never play with them as much as they do their sensory tubs.

after I added the letters

Sis had to dig out one letter at at time, practice writing that letter, deposit it in the pail, and repeat until she found all of the letters.

We did a lot of the Chicka activities at Making Learning Fun, like the upper and lower case letter recognition pages.

Also from Making Learning Fun, she colored this tree and used stamps to spell words around it.

Some other fun from weeks 2 and 3:

I posted about their potions in last week's Weekly Wrap-Up. This was an authentic reaction I captured to her potion.

I had also written about our baking soda with colored vinegar and an eye dropper activity last week. This was her creation.

She takes Tea Time very seriously.

She worked on several pattern activities at co-op and at home.

her Abeka art Creation book

fractions, size sequencing, folding

In addition to everything she did with her brothers during our Columbus studiesshe completed this cutting puzzle activity.

Their Design and Drill Activity Center has always been one of the kids' favorite toys. Her assignment was to work on this pattern as a reflection.

I found these LEGO mats for her to practice counting and number correspondence.

I love Jan Brett's alphabet flags. Tornado helped me cut them out and glue them on toothpicks. They cut our homemade play dough into shapes with cookie cutters, then labeled them accordingly with the flags.

My sweet ballerina is growing up.


Pam Rohde said...

I don't know how you come up with such fun activities all the time when you have 4 kids to think about! You are amazing and your daughter is such a beauty! Faith would love to have tea time with her someday!

Lisa said...

The breakfast idea is so creative. When I first read you made a breakfast as part of the theme I wondered "how? Coconuts are the only food mentioned in the story? 26 food items?" but love the tree!!! The pattern activity also looks like fun.