Saturday, September 1, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up/Homeschool Mother's Journal

In Our Homeschool This Week:
one of our Tea Times this week: 
mango coconut milk So Delicious, fresh mango, water, 
and My Father's World lesson

oranges, Cashew Crunch, Hawaiian tea mixed with agave nectar, 
and Pedro's Journal

lots of reading aloud

The Academy at Thousand Oaks temporarily moved to the tire shop yesterday for 2 1/2 hours. That amount of time in a waiting room probably doesn't sound fun with 4 kids, but we were able to get a lot of schoolwork finished.

Grammar Lessons
Tornado has started his Easy Grammar curriculum. 
We started with the nouns section so that 
Brother and Sister could join in.

We made this chart.

We used a lot of ideas from Amy at Step into Second Grade. For the boys, we used people, places, things, and ideas - but for Sis, we kept it with the first three.

I folded pieces of art paper and cut it into foldable sections. They cut out pictures from magazines.

I used some of her printables, too.

The boys each took a magazine and highlighted all of the nouns in a story.

Tornado began work on his 
My Parts of Speech Dictionary.

Other language lessons: 
The boys have been working on thank 
you cards for their birthday gifts.

More science projects this week, 
which I'll post about tomorrow.

What They're Playing This Week:
The boys like playing with the sensory tubs as much as Sissy. The boys brought some Super Heroes and Lego guys into the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom sand tub. There must have been a hurricane because I heard Tornado say, "We can make the people run for their liiiives!"

The tub parlayed into filling my table vase with 
water, rocks, and Playmobil people, etc.

That led to playing Lego and Playmobil on the highchair. I really see that if I start something for them, the kids are so much better at playing. Had I never prepared and set out the sensory tub, they never would have gotten out their other toys and would have complained, "There's nothing to do." They need inspiration and nudging, for sure.

In Our Lives This Week:
I have been blogging more regularly. I have been forcing my brain to not zap out, like it usually does after I put the kids to bed. I haven't even watched television much lately. I think I watched one show all week. Anyway, I think that blogging is a very motivating influence for me. It's good for me to see everything we accomplished all laid out in this format. It helps me break down and meet my goals. It gives me something to do because boredom and restlessness are two of my worst enemies. I like spending time doing something that my kids will appreciate one day. And who doesn't need as many motivating influences as possible?

Oh, wait, I did watch two shows - one was House Hunters International (the "a young family downsizes to help others in Peru" episode). I was excited to have my closest reality t.v. connection so far. That's my friend Matt (and Ryan was friends with Nicole) from college. He is a marriage counselor, and Nicole is a physical therapist. They are using their careers and gifts to help missionaries (dealing with marriage issues or adjustment issues, etc.) and orphans (loving and rehabilitating those who are in need). You can read more about them here, and if you ever want to support someone's ministry, they would be a good choice.  If you didn't catch it, watch a rerun and find out more about them on this video.

One of My Favorite Moments This Week:
I got to hang out with my sister Tracy not one but two nights this week. We ate great food and even watched a movie last night, as well.

What We Cooked This Week:
Beet Cookies, recipe from Weelicious

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Our Side of the Mountain said...

Tea Time looks fun! Last spring we had 2 Afternoon/High Teas. We all memorized a poem to share and then read others that we enjoyed...with lots of yummy foods! The kids keep asking to do it again! But I think our next tea will require memorizing parts of famous speeches.

Nichole said...

Do you do tea time every day? That's such a nice idea!

Phyllis said...

We love tea time, too!

Discovering Montessori said...

I really.really need to include tea time into our day. It always looks like a really relaxed time at you house. Love the Parts of Speech Dictionary, a nice reference tool that my kids could surely use. Good for you that you you got to spend some quality time with your sister. Love the pictures!! Thank you for linking up your post and for sharing.

Phyllis said...

I like all your work on nouns!