Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Day of School

We've never really had start or end days to our homeschooling. We just keep going, but at times it is lighter than others. Therefore, we don't ever get to celebrate the first day of "school" for the year, but we can celebrate the first day of our homeschool co-op, which took place two weeks ago.

The kids were surprised with a special breakfast. I decorated the table the night before with a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom theme.

Breakfast: peanut butter on banana, apple slices, grapes, and Newman's Own Organics alphabet cookies

(disclaimer: I usually only post pics if the food is vegan, but these contain honey. I was confused because we normally get the chocolate version, which do not contain honey.)

2nd grade, 6th grade(ish), kindergarten

My baby boy is about to surpass me.

Sissy really wanted me to come by during lunch on her first day, so I did. I love that she and her brothers get to share their co-op experience. They eat lunch at the same time, with their friends all mingled together (along with parents here and there) in a positive, happy environment I am grateful for.


Here are just a few things I can tell you about the 
3 big kids in this particular time in life:

My 5 year old daughter:
She's giggly, helpful, and loves getting out of the house to go places. She makes sure her "brudders" are always on task, wants to cuddle any chance she gets, and can give you a very dirty look if you offend her or wound her pride. I know exactly how she will act when she's at school or with her friends: mature, responsible, and sweet. I cannot predict her behavior from one moment to the next at home. She could totally go without ever watching television, and she values time spent with people the most. Right now, she's most interested in her baby brother, dancing, singing, playing tennis, and gymnastics. One thing she brings into our home: sunshine.

My 7 year old son:
He loves to make people laugh (and does a really great job at it), and he is trying to learn how to control his temper. He is the best company when engaged, but if you leave him alone, he will most likely a) eat something he shouldn't b) turn on the t.v. without permission or c) light a match and see what happens if you place a piece of paper on said match. If no matches can be found, something else dangerous, messy, or inappropriate will be found somehow. He prefers being active, physical, and outdoors. Homework and chores seem like a punishment to him. Right now, he's most interested in his baby brother, Berenstain Bear books, tennis, video games, and science. One thing he brings into our home: energy.

My 12 year old son:
He's creative and possesses an amazing memory. He is a bottomless pit. (Tonight he ate his supper of bean tacos with veggies on the side. He was still hungry so he had nachos. Then he finished off a full bowl of beans with cheese and salsa. Then a bit later, avocado slices covered in hempseeds. I saw him finishing off a bag of pecans. Next, it was a banana. Oh, and then another half of a banana he found. Then I said, "You have to stop eating and go to bed.") Some things are hard for him, and he doesn't like things that are hard for him. There are moments when this can be hard on all of us. He's remorseful and gentle. I've never seen him hit one of his siblings or pick a fight. If he could choose any activity to do right now, it would probably be "watch cartoons on youtube" or go to Googie's house. He really likes to do schoolwork. Right now, he's also interested in his baby brother, Mad Libs, magazines, comics, and museums. One thing he brings into our home: calm.

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Discovering Montessori said...

Awesome breakfast!! Love the pics, and you guys sure are blessed to be able to be participate on in a Co-op. Thank you for sharing.

Cary said...

I love the chicka chicka boom boom breakfast. I might do that sometime soon. My kids would love it!