Friday, August 3, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up/Homeschool Mother's Journal

In Our Homeschool Lately:
So much on my mind. Ryan's, too. We've been all over the place with what to do with each of the kids this year. Still haven't figured it all out yet, but we're getting closer. I'm just looking forward to cementing a plan and moving on.

For now, we've started Adventures in My Father's World, so there will be more on that to come. And - eek! - our co-op starts back up in 2 1/2 weeks!

Math Bingo

Sight Words Memory

I caught them doing this all on their own. They took an empty bottle and filled with with water, beads, and squirts of glitter glue.

We've had 3 houseguests this week: in clockwise order, Bob Snail, Grandpa Bob, and Sleepy Bob Snail. This was their momentary home as we prepared their box full of rocks, leaves, lettuce, apple slices, and shallow water places. The middle kids have been attending a special art/science class every week this summer. They've done a lot with insects, reptiles, etc. At the end of a class, the teacher whispered to Dash if he'd like to take the snails home. He declared later that he "loved snails more than video games."

So we kept Bob, Grandpa, and Sleepy all day, then I said I think we need to let them go. (I'm a "let the animals be free" kind of girl.) I talked him into it. Then I'm talking to my husband, who was on a business trip all week, before bed, and I told him about it. He made a little comment about hoping they weren't used to being pets - or that they might get eaten.

So what do I do? Get Dash, who hadn't fallen asleep yet, out of bed. At 10:00 p.m., we're outside, hunting down Bob, Grandpa, and Sleepy, who hadn't gotten far. I don't know why I have to be that person who is worried about three snails after dark...but I am. So Bob, Grandpa, and Sleepy have been enjoying the good life of daily fresh water and salads. Thank goodness they are herbivorous so they can survive in our house. I think we're going to let them go this weekend to enjoy a little roaming for the rest of their lives. We'll miss you guys.

What We're Cooking Lately:


Dash fashioned this no-bake into a Brachiosaurus. 
Of course, he did.

 In My Life Recently:
Sissy was really excited about an idea she had: "to celebrate her birthday on a day that wasn't really her birthday for fun." And she just knew she wanted it to involve "candles and cream cheese and maybe chocolate chips." And that we had to "sing to her, and it would be her special time." She even put on a sparkly dress for the occasion. We only had the heel piece of bread left, but she was happy with the results.

Who was not happy was her older-by-23-months brother who declared it was NOT fair that she got to have a birthday, so he went to get candles to put into his own snack. Then Sissy was mad that he was ruining her special moment. Which all just really explains a lot about these two and my life right now.

Let's Make a Section for My Birthday!:
For my birthday, this is what I said I wanted Ryan to take me to do over anything: visit my grandfather and Winnie in the nursing home, watch my niece play volleyball, play Catch Phrase with my family, and go swimming with them. And that's what I got to do.

And we got to see G win first place in her volleyball tournament!

We spent the next day, picnicking and swimming at Moonshine Beach in Branson. This was the FIRST time I'd been swimming all summer. Can you even believe that?!

Part of the crew. 
(If you're worried about G in the corner, she was fine.)

This was the conversation I heard between W and C:
"It won't make a castle!" said C, in despair.
"I told you; you have to have sand," answered W.

Baby Brother took his first bubble bath recently with his brothers and sisters. He was so happy, I declared it "the best day of his life, so far."  (Ryan says, however, that everyday is this best day of this kid's life. I think Ryan may be a little envious of the love affair between his baby and wife lately.) THIS may have trumped it.

He was thrilled to be in the water.
I just felt so happy for him.

Other People We've Seen:
Ryan's parents came to visit last weekend. His mom brought these wooden buildings (and lots of fresh produce for us!) for the kids to paint, which they really enjoyed. I think they are going to add them to their fairy garden.

What My Kids Are Saying:
I was having a rather light-hearted discussion with the kids about their behavior and manners. Dash explained, "Well...first of all, we're kids." 

That's the same child who ran into the kitchen the other day and exclaimed, "Mom! I learned to armpit fart!"

(Yup. Same kid here, too.) We've been reading the Little House books, so I've enjoyed emphasizing how well-mannered the Ingalls kids are and how my kids should realize how good they have it, as far as freedom goes at meals, etc. They often mention how "children should be seen but not heard." I asked the kids what their rule was the other day, and he said, "Children should be quiet but seen." Close enough, I guess?


Our Side of the Mountain said...

The new school year IS quickly approaching, huh? I still haven't ordered all our science supplies! I suppose I should do that SOON! LOL

I've been having some sibling squabbling here too. Do you suppose it's the EXTRA FREE TIME they have in the summer months? Or late bedtimes? I think I'm ready for a schedule again! LOL

Swimming looks fun! I think we're fortunate that we have lakes EVERYWHERE around here. We got to the beach and swim sometimes every day of the week!

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Jenn said...

Looks like a great week! Happy Birthday:)

We go to Branson all the time, but I've never been to Moonshine Beach...we'll have to check it out.

Your kids do say the funniest things!!

Arianne Robinson said...

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