Saturday, August 25, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up/Homeschool Mother's Journal

In Our Homeschool This Week:
We had finished up Vikings (posted here) and moved on to Christopher Columbus. There were many hands-on science experiments going on around here. Sis is working on Chicka Chicka Boom Boom activities.

Here is a tea time from the week - this time we only had juice instead of tea, plus grapes and vegan cookies we made. Yes, there's a Christmas book in there. I think Sis picked a total of 3 Christmas books the last time we were at the library. We also started reading parts of Who Was First?: Discovering the Americas by Russell Freedman. It explores the "evidence that adventurers...and traders, etc...from various parts of the globe set foot on American soil long before 1492."

My 7 year old has been avoiding photo op's a lot lately.

It was a big week because our homeschool co-op is back in session. I think the combination of the kids' classes and schedules is going to be even better this year. 

What They've Been Playing Lately
At some point, Sis was complaining that she was bored because there was no one to play with. I told her she should help Tornado with his Mad-Lib. She takes roles like this very seriously. He was sweet in allowing her to make the decisions between different word choices.

As a reward for something, Tornado picked this set of Rose Art Color Blanks. He had been eyeing them a lot lately in the store.

I saw this idea, which I thought was a great idea from our normal vinegar and baking soda play. We filled trays/lids with thin layers of baking soda. I used Sissy's mini muffin tins from her play kitchen to fill with colored vinegar. They used eye droppers to create designs in the baking soda. You can see how seriously they were taking this!

 I thought the results were fabulous. 

 Tornado's tree

They agreed this will be an activity that happens around here more often.

Next they returned to one of their favorite activities: making potions. They used their leftover baking soda, vinegar, packs of generic Kool-Aid (one of the cheapest things I can buy to entertain my kids during playtime), a cheap bottle of soda, and various other materials.

Extracurricular This Week
One of our biggest news of the week was joining another co-op. It was a big move involving more time and a bit more financial obligation. (Things aren't cheap when you're paying for 3.) However, so great! We had a field trip with some of the members at the post office. The kids were posing in front of this vintage exhibit that is in a back office. The little mail slots with a combination lock made me nostalgic for college. I told the kids how exciting it was to peek into your mailbox and see something - anything! - inside.

the kids playing Red Rover after church
my kids: #2, #3, and #6 in line

The kids finished up their Wednesday night summer church program this week. The kids sang one song for the parents. It was a very big deal to me personally because my 12 year old got right up there and performed, too. This is something that has always been difficult for him. I can't tell you how many times he has freaked out on stage. (Oh, the stress of his kindergarten graduation ceremony...but we kept trying and trying...but maybe kind of gave up the past couple of years.) He has made substantial progress in this area in the past year. Just the fact that he attended these classes all summer with his siblings was significant. We're very proud of him.

At church, my friend pointed out that stripes seemed to be the dress code for our family that night. I looked around - and sure enough, even the short-sleeved sweater I was wearing had a striped pattern. We're so in sync! Poor Baby Brother; I had to wake him up to take this picture when we got home.

a fun picnic playdate with our new co-op on Friday

In Our Life This Week:
I had the sadz this week because Ryan was in California. The worst part about it was that I THOUGHT he was leaving on Tuesday. It was all set in my mind as such, and I had plans for us to spend some time together. And there were things I needed his help with for the first day of school. Monday, the kids and I were running out to do some errands, and he was working at home. I said, "We'll see you in a little bit!" and he was like, "Uh...I'm leaving in an hour, remember?" I had this weird, burst into tears reaction. I was telling my mom this story, and my daughter said, "It's because she wants him to hold the baby." That is NOT it; I MISS my fella when he's not around!

I love, love our homeschool co-op we've been a part of for three years. The only part that's Boo! for me is the hair rule: an inch above the collar and half of the ear showing. So Monday we were off to trim up the boys' summer locks.

But we're good to go now!

Some Favorite Moments This Week:
I looked over to see my daughter just lying up against her brother for a significant amount of time. These two. I mean, these two.

It's pure love one minute and total orneriness against each other the next. 

My brother and his family has been in town this weekend. The new backyard play area has gotten lots of use with our mixed crew.

 Who's behind the mask?

 little P and our dog, Roni

 my niece G

 We rode Ezy Rollers and played tennis, volleyball, basketball, and even Four Square.

Aunt Michele and Cousin C have ignited a greater love in Sis for gymnastics. M could be a coach; she's so good at working with the girls on their moves. I love seeing Sis so motivated and persistent.

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Diane said...

Wow, your backyard play area is awesome. Our daughter always complains that she has never had cement or asphalt to ride bikes and such, because we have a gravel drive and road leading up to the house. She would love this.