Saturday, March 5, 2011

Project 365: Outdoor Pebble Pile To Play In

March 5
I had requested that Ryan make a "rock pile" for the kids to play in. He and the boys worked on their creation today. He, of course, came up with something even better than I'd envisioned, as it even wrapped around some little trees. This was taken in the middle of their progress. Lots more pebbles were added. And, yes, it was cooold outside today; the boys just came out for a minute without their coats so they could show me what they'd done. They were excited. Cars, bulldozers, pails, and shovels to be added soon.


Greta said...

So fun! I have fond memories of playing in mulch piles as a kid, way more fun than the swing set.

Anonymous said...

How many lbs. of pebbles did this take???