Friday, March 18, 2011

Preschool Corner: Mermaid Week

Through no pre-planning of my own, somehow this week became filled with mermaid activities. It all started when Sissy pulled out this Mermaids sticker & activity book I'd bought awhile back at Dollar Tree. She found it and requested we start working in it.

I didn't get pictures of all our activities, like cutting out the mermaid puzzles and gluing them back together. There are also games like this one.

We also tried out a veganized version of the Starfish Cookies recipe.

It was a bit of a challenge since a lot of the measurements were like 7 oz. or 2/5 cup. They turned out very tasty, nonetheless.

We saved a couple for Big Brother to decorate and eat later.

We used our India Tree natural food coloring and sprinkles. I put some chocolate frosting in a baggie and let them try their hand at piping faces onto their star fish.

They made fish out of paper plates, sequins, and googly eyes. The top one is Dash's, and the bottom two are Sissy. She really got into this simply because of the "shiny" sequins.

Tornado made the top picture while I gave instructions to Sissy for the bottom picture. I would tell her one step to complete at a time like: Color water at the bottom of the page. Draw a rock on the side. Color blue at the top for the sky. Add a sun. Add mermaid stickers. Glue on shells, etc.

It was a coincidence that two of our newest books are about mermaids. We'd just picked up the Ariel book at a consignment sale, and Grandma Nona bought her the other mermaid book a couple of weeks ago.

I set up a water tub for them to play with downstairs. I added some bubbles to the water.

It also just so happens she had gotten a Little Mermaid play set and a small My Little Pony mermaid for her birthday, so we added those to the tub. We gathered all of the other plastic fish and ocean creatures we owned plus a little pirate (a "nice" pirate) to be her friend. I'm definitely going to do the water tub more often. It was a big hit.

I got the idea for this Mermaid snack from Ziggity Zoom. I cut a banana in three sections for the head and body plus pieces for the arms. I used our non-dairy cheese shreds for her hair, chocolate chips for the eyes, a piece of strawberry for her mouth, and flattened freeze-dried cherries for her bikini top. I used cut up kiwi for the scales and star fruit for the flippers, with a couple of star fruit slices on the side.

Mermaid Week wouldn't be complete without some princess dancing in the Ariel dress she got for Christmas.

She loves the princess playlist I made for her birthday party, which includes Part of Your World, of course.

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Cary said...

That mermaid banana thing is ridiculous. But I kinda want you to make me one next time I'm home.

SpartanGirl said...

I think my daughter would LOVE a mermaid week. And that mermaid food is just incredible!

Annie Moffatt said...

I agree...My little girls would LOVE mermaid week. The snack is too cute! I will have to try this for sure.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love your edible mermaid! The activities you did and books you read look great!

Debra said...

That is too cute!!! I wish I had little girls! I have 2 girls ages 18 and 17. Then 5 boys from 4.5 to 16.
Blessings, Debra
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MaDonna Maurer said...

Great unit! LOVED your little mermaid treat! I think I may scrap one of my theme ideas and have a mermaid one this spring....we do live near a beach. =)

Drea said...

What a CUTE theme!!!