Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Soccer to T-Ball

More Dash/soccer pics...We really enjoy watching the little guy play sports. I love and admire his energy and his interest. I just asked him for a quote; he said, "I like soccer because you get to kick it around and stuff and get it away from the other people."
I think soccer will be his favorite sport in the long run. He's got the perfect little soccer run. And he says that is what he likes the best, so far.
Soccer season has ended, and now it's t-ball.
smiling at Momma
It's obviously adorable watching little kids play a sport they don't entirely understand yet. Dash still sometimes starts to run toward 3rd base after he hits it, no matter how many times he has done it. He listens, though, and concentrates. I can tell he wants to learn how to do it right.
And then the game post-haircut...After his first practice, he ran off the field to us, and his first words were very matter-of-factly, "I liked that."
Ryan says he actually looks like a soccer player out there playing t-ball. I love being back amidst the atmosphere of a baseball game; I've missed it.


Cary said...

Ask him if I can come to one of his games and make a sign. Because if I can, I will.

Jenny said...

He turned his head to the side, smiled very sweetly, and said, "Nooo." He's more self-conscious than I am. :)