Monday, May 10, 2010


holy experience

Continuing my list of big things and little things for which I am thankful (my goal is to make it to 1,000!)...

#127: Fun with the microphone...of course, I can't tell you who this is...I have to protect the privacy of my house guests...but I'll give you a couple of hints:

He likes to sing, and he's as big of a ham as I am.

And he looks a lot like this girl.

#128: I'm thankful that Sissy can so quickly go from this...
"Don't take my picture!"
to 30 seconds flat.
#129 I'm thankful that a girl has the prerogative to change her mind.
Because the kids are, then I am also thankful (#130) for a little rain because although sand is fun, a hole of wet sand looks even more inviting.
#131: remote control cars in the park
#132: family picnics
#133-134: hands to hold onto you and the joy that comes from twirly slides
#135: big cousin looking out for little cousin
Rush was not amused.
#136: cousins as friends
#137: little girl giggles
#138: Ryan bringing flowers home to me one day for no particular occasion
#139: the love of Googie...
All on her own, Sissy was singing this song she made up, "I love Gooooogie. I love Gooooogie!" as she looked at my Mom's (realtor) business card. And then she kept kissing her picture.
#140: COACHES...especially volunteer coaches
#141: the tunnel
#142-143: a Mother's Day card from my kids and the names carefully spelled out in their own handwritings
That pretty much sums it up.
#144: and one from my true love
#145-146: I'm grateful that Ryan spent the whole day helping me clean and organize the house. And then he gave me a massage right before I fell asleep. Awww.
#147 my present from Dash (painted onto a ceramic tile)

Also #148-154: a positive parent-teacher conference with Tornado's teachers, fun field trip to see a kids' concert with Dash's class and Sissy, watching (I really love it.) Dash play soccer and t-ball this weekend, another great day of soccer for Tornado (Ryan had to take him because we were double-booked.), and a nice little field trip with Dash and his class plus Sissy to the library this morning - grateful for the fun little experiences his school sets up (You wouldn't believe how EXCITED the kids were to see the other side of the outside book drop-off. The librarian went outside and dropped the books in to demonstrate, and it was like magic to them.) and loved his excitement over getting his own library card.

Last, #155: the nap of which I am about to take on this fine, rainy day...

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Amy in Peru said...

LOVE the pictures! yay! SO much to be thankful for!! :)

thanks for sharing.

amy in peru