Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Rest of Our Weekend

Didn't get many pictures from our visit to my brother's house. My parents were there, too, along with all of my siblings and their families. I'll say it for the one thousandth time how much I love my family. I don't know when I've seen Dash in a deeper sleep than after we came home late Friday night. He was on the go with cousin Owen. They were all about playing dinosaurs and riding bikes outside. He was literally speeding away from us full throttle when we were trying to get him into the car to leave. All of the kids played together well, though. My youngest nephews, Pierson and Rush, get cuter and happier by the day, I think. I think they might end up being the sweetest ones yet. I've probably said that about all of them, though.

Cary, Ryan, and I went to watch New Moon Thursday night. Tracy was supposed to wait to see it with us, too. Cary got it out of her one day that she already went without us. But I think maybe she told Cary not to tell me. (The "don't tell her/him I told you this, but" 's get very confusing in my family. It's hard to keep track of what you're supposed to tell and not tell.)

Thursday, I said to Tracy, "It's going to be so fun going to see the movie since we all waited to watch it together!"

Wait for it..."Yeah!" she said.

"I mean, you haven't seen it yet, right?" I pressed.

"Oh, no," she assured, like just the idea of it was absurd. I waited for several seconds before calling her out for the liar and sell-out that she is. I'm just teasin' ya, Trace.
One picture I did get...I came home from the movie to find this peaceful, little scene. This makes my heart very happy looking at it. Six of the loves of my life, all huddled together, having a little sleepover. It won't be long before the other three can join in.
Remember this picture I posted a few months ago? That's my dad and brother, and although they have their differences (Dad is quieter and more introverted like me; Matt is more like Mom in the opposite way.), their similarities are funny and plentiful.
And they just get funnier by the day. This is how we caught them sitting next to each other.

In other news...
The girls got groomed. They came home looking like completely different dogs. We had thought we were feeding them too much, and they were getting fat.
Turns out, it was just all of their hair.


Tracy said...

hmm, you finally mention me. Interesting.

Cary said...

Wow, out of the comments woodwork emerges little sister.