Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Two Christmas parties this week...

"Friday Night Mystery" was going to Christian Book Outlet for a birthday party for Jesus. The kids, all three of them, were laughing and excited when we walked in. "It's Bob and Larry!" Sissy really wanted to get close to them, but she needed Momma to help make her feel brave. Dash couldn't get enough of them. Anytime he wasn't standing next to them, shaking their hands, or giving them hugs, he was standing off to the side, smiling at them. For some strange reason, despite his initial joy at seeing them, Tornado wouldn't get his picture taken with them or even say "hi" to him because he was afraid or something. He's usually the first one in line.

The kids' stuff was on sale so I picked out another Christian dinosaur book for Dash and an Answers in Genesis Kids book for Tornado. We also got a Happy Birthday, Jesus! party set. It's so cute I'm going to have a giveaway for one, which I'll post tonight or tomorrow.

One night this week we went to the Christmas Extravaganza at Tornado's school. He was SO super excited to be there in party mode, to show us around and participate in all of the activities.
Both the boys were excited to sit on Santa's lap and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. Sissy didn't want near him. I don't think she's ever gotten her picture taken with Santa, come to think of it? Tornado told him he wanted a marshmallow gun and a Tom & Jerry comic book. I think Dash sort of panicked when Santa asked him what he wanted. He had some things he had planned on telling him, but when Santa was looking at him, he got a little shy and flustered and finally just said, "....a car."
making ornaments

Then, the strangest thing sister Cary showed up! That's her holding the basket with the red ribbon.

Okay, it's not actually Cary. But to those of you who know her, doesn't that look like her?! I was freaking out! Tornado was jumping up and down, laughing, because he thought it looked like her, too. I couldn't stop taking pictures of her. I've actually seen her before outside the school, and even Dash has remarked, "That looks like Aunt Cary."

So I put some of these pictures on facebook and commented something like, "Remember this party, Cary?" and "Doesn't this bring back memories?" She called me to ask me when those pictures were taken, "When was that?" She was trying to figure it out, because SHE thought it was her, too. Mom and Dad, is there something you need to tell us?


Cary said...

Is she also clever and funny and not very frugal?

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Bwwwaaaaaahhhhh haaaaaaaa haaaaaaa!!!!!!

JJHB said...

Cute picture of your boys with Santa. Too bad their sister wouldn't sit with Santa, but he can be very scary to most little ones! Happy Holidays to you all!