Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Wild Things

Friday night we went to see Where the Wild Things Are at an Imax Theater. Since it was Friday (Friday Night Mystery), I didn't tell the kids where we were going. I just told them we were going to Little Rock, we were meeting Daddy, we were bringing our supper (nut butter sandwiches, apple slices, soy milk, and popcorn) with us, and we weren't going somewhere to play. They guessed hotel or museum. I accidentally let it slip, on the way, after I called my sister Tracy to ask her if she wanted to go. I said, "Aunt Tracy can't come to the movie with us, you guys, because she has to work." Tornado said, "You said movie!!" Oops. I had really been looking forward to seeing this movie. First of all, just because I like the book, as most people do. Second, a movie trailer just has to have an awesome song to have me hooked. It's a great trailer. And I love Wake Up by Arcade Fire (our bodies get bigger but our hearts get torn up). Also love All is Love by Karen O & the Kids (Ryan, did you know Karen O is lead vocal for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs?); the movie has a really good soundtrack. It was done beautifully, I liked the indie feel, and I thought the monsters were adorable. (I wish they could be my friends.) However, I thought the middle part was a little slow at times. Thought it could have been jazzed up a little. I'm not really sure what it was missing, but it was missing something.

I love the underlying points of the movie, though. It's not really something that's clear to the kids, unfortunately. Wouldn't it be nice if they could have an "ah-ha" moment and everything could come clear to them in life (oh, wait, I'm still hoping that will happen to myself). We tried explaining it to them...but it still kind of shot over their heads. I just now asked Dash what he thought the movie was trying to teach us, and he said, " not be wild? I don't know." It might be scary for some kids (Tornado covered his eyes once when the other two didn't seem fazed), but we reminded them before the movie not to be scared because 1)it's just his imagination 2)they're really nice wild things underneath it all and 3)nothing bad happens to Max; just like the book, he makes it home. Dash just said he didn't like the part when Max had to leave the forest; he said it was sad.

One little Wild Thing fell asleep on the way home. With traces of Rice Dream bar from Whole Foods still on his face.

Speaking of the themes of the movie...

Here's a little story for ya. The other day, when we were outside, waiting for the dogs to do their business, Sissy asked me to hold her. I picked her up and said, "I'd love to!" She cocked her head sideways and asked sweetly, "You no busy?!"

Uh...yeah, I felt very small. It was a certainly a defining moment for me. It's not like I go around screaming at my kids, "Leave me alone! I'm too busy for you!" She gets "held" a lot, and there are certainly going to be times, in a family of five, when someone's needs aren't going to immediately be met...I know, I know. She was surprised, though, that I wasn't too busy to hold her!!! :0 You can bet I haven't turned down the chance to hold her the past couple of weeks since she said that. How could I be too "busy" for that sweet thing up there?

Or any of these sweet, wild things, for that matter? Our earthly lives are so fragile and short. I have to remind myself that they don't have all the information I have inside me. Just like they can't sift through the actions of the movie and process the underlying..."I'm doing something else right now. I would love to hold you in five minutes." just sounds like, "I'm too busy for you." When I think they should "think" the way I "think," I'm just being as egocentric as they can be.

"Oh, please don't go! I'll eat you up. I love you so!"


Jenn said...

I can't wait to see this movie. I saw the trailer with the Arcade Fire song at Harry Potter and I was so happy it looked really cool.

Adriana said...

Thanks for the info on the movie. We are thinking about taking D.

Orange Juice said...

You kids are ADORABLE!
BTW you won the cards from Uprinting. :)
Email me when you get a chance to confirm.

Annette said...

Too sweet...the crowns...the Sissy busy story.

Too much!

And yes, E and M have a strong resemblance as babies, though they have their own bits too. Now that E is older, big differences!

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

REALLY good post, Jen. I'm in the same place...