Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Few Things We've Eaten This Week

So...apparently I am NOT as schooled in the urban dictionary as I thought I was. I did not know, as pointed out by the apparently down-with-it Murphy's, that mofo is an abbreviation for something other than "Month of Food." I apologize, therefore, if I offended you with all my slang (even though I didn't make it here to read posts from more MoFo participants). Never fear, though. According to the Urban Dictionary (which never fails to amuse me) itself, mofo is actually a term of respect. This is exactly what it says: This meaning tho is meant to be non abusive, almost as a sign of respect or greeting for fellow friends..It must be stated tho that the use of the full word is a sign of abuse. Examples: Hey, Mofo = Aceptable. Hey, (insert other word) = Abuse. The examples are always the best.

This dish is dedicated to my Momma. When we were young and she would have to leave for work on a summer day or whenever we were going to be alone, this was a dish she often left for us in the fridge. (Probably often in this same casserole dish I've inherited.) We just had to stick it in the oven. Pasta, peas, sauce, and cheese melted on top. It's just as good now.

Oatmeal with almonds, flax, agave, and berries. I'm REALLY trying to eat more oatmeal. As opposed to...ahem...Panda Puff's or something like that. When I do eat Panda Puffs, I try to, at least, add some almond slices. And breakfasts these days have been eaten on the car, on the run (for the kids, usually apple slices, toast, granola bar, or bag of nuts)...this new life of mine=not so fun. (More on that later.)

I made these Blueberry Banana Muffins from a recipe I got out of either How it All Vegan or Veganomicon...I can't remember which. I was scribbling some recipes down quickly, while in the library parking lot before I left those books in the drop-off. Those are both great books, though. I just need to purchase them. I'm pretty certain it was my fault they didn't turn out they way I'm sure they were intended. I think I was missing a liquid ingredient because the batter was really dry. They seemed more like scones than muffins. Regardless, they were eaten, and the key to this story is: I don't know why I don't make muffins more often. They're always a sure-fire hit and can be made so healthy.
See? I can barely read my own writing. I always think I'm going to be able to read my writing when I write fast, and I always think I'm going to remember what I meant by an abbreviation...I never learn.
I attempted this recipe for the Mac 'n Cheese Bites that I've really been wanting to try from Vegan Mom. Here is the recipe. Hers look a lot prettier than mine. I started making it then realized I was out of key ingredients. I tried to "make do." I was out of soymilk, onions, and Earth Balance. Pretty substantial ingredients. I should have just waited. I used water, tahini, and cream cheese. Haha. I was also out of cooking spray so I just oiled the muffin tins with my Spectrum Organic Shortening. It actually turned out really tasty (I made 12 "muffins" and 12 "loafs," and there was nothing left. They were scraping at the pans to get everything they could because they all liked them so much.); however, they stuck to the pans without the spray and Earth Balance. I look forward to trying this recipe again as it was intended, with all the proper ingredients. I think they're a great idea, regardless.

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