Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Schaefer's Corn Maze/ Collins Farm Pumpkin Patch

We got an early start with pumpkin patch visiting this year over the last weekend in September when my sister and her two kids came for the weekend. We went to Shaefer's Corn Maze next to Collins Farms. It's pretty elaborate. We chose to only do the kid maze version this trip; we'll hit the big one sometime soon!
However, even the kid maze was too much for my city-girl sister. She and Rushie hightailed it out of there. I think it made her a little panicked with claustrophobia, and in her words on her blog, it gave her "flashbacks of Children of the Corn."
We love the corn maze, though. It's really fun. Right, Sissy?

On the farm, there is a playground, animals, and hay tunnels.
Sissy was so excited by the slide because it was super fast. She was talking 90 miles per hour every time she got off of it. All the kids made multiple trips up and down the slide.
Papaw and Googie even came out later and joined us.
The kids went on a really cool, fun tractor ride. They were all really excited...except Sissy. I think she was a little tired, and we sort of made her ride...yeah, one of those times we make a kid do something because "we" want her to have fun doing it. I just knew she'd end up liking it...
(It seemed they were riding off into the sunset, and we would never see them again before they turned around and came back.)
...but no, she didn't end up liking it. She was really mad by the end...
Winnie, on the other hand, was only upset the ride was over. She kept saying, "More?!" The kids did manage to talk us into another tractor ride later that night, before we left. It was dark, and a sudden loud bump when taking off scared Win so I ended up riding with her. Not so much fun for an adult; my back was banging against the metal seat the whole time
You know how you always want at least one pretty group picture to turn out...Winifred, seriously, we need to work on your ability to stay in the shot. (Good job, Dash!)
well...better!. "A" for effort!

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