Thursday, September 24, 2009

First Day of Preschool

I forgot to post pictures of Sissy and Dash's first day of preschool, which was about 2 weeks ago...I wasn't going to put Sissy in school this year, but she loved it so much last year. Then...the first week of school this year - she was not havin' it. She and Dash totally flip-flopped. He didn't like being dropped off last year, and she liked it. Then this year, she cried the first few times, and he was fine. However, she's fine now and seems to have gotten in the groove. She always grins really big and says, "I no cry!" Speaking of I was typing this, she just did something cute. She was sitting here on on top of the table, getting ready to eat her apple slices, and she said, "God, thank you my food," with her hands in front of her. And then she burst into giggles because she sort of thinks praying is funny. She doesn't really understand it yet.
Dash was very proud and excited about his dinosaur backpack. It's still all about dinosaurs with him.

I'd sort of rather my kids just be with me 24-7 rather than putting them in school, of course, but the way he gets to RUN SO MUCH and play ball, etc. outside on the playground or in the indoor gymnasium...just can't be exactly replicated in our home. At least, not daily. He definitely has great playmates in his sister and brother - and parents. And that's absolutely the most important thing. But we think this is a good time for him to go out and play awhile each day, and Dash is the type of kid that needs constant stimulation and direction...left to his own devices, trouble may ensue. I love picking him up from school and watching him run around with his little friends he's made. He's got one little boy in particular that he's usually with. I thinks it's all just a fascinating experience - watching what your child becomes, how he chooses to be when you're not around. And he's always sweating when I pick him up. He just has absolute fun there.

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Annette said...

How many days does Sissy do a week? Here in our town 2 yr olds can only do one day! Meghan will be 4 days though. I'm getting excited.

Dash looks very proud! Great pictures!

The prayer is so sweet!