Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Beach Vacay...Downtown Wilmington

I'm still blogging about our North Carolina trip. I...can't...stop. We spent some time, two different days, in the downtown historic district. It's definitely a great place to visit.
my dad

I always love taking trolley/boat/bus tours because it's such a relaxing and cool (temperature-wise) way to see more city and learn fun little facts.
The boys, especially, really enjoyed the narrated trolley tour ride.
I was so disappointed that Sissy had much whinier moments than normal this week. I'm sure it had to do with her naptimes, etc. being a little off.
The Cotton Exchange, a really cute shopping area...and that's Dash there, to the right
Isn't downtown Wilmington lovely? Cary and Winnie are posing in front of a Dawson's Creek "point of interest" (incidentally, also the Matlock courthouse to the left). The riverfront area is really pretty. We ate outside at a water front restaurant one day.
Clothes Over Bros (formerly Karen's Cafe), significant only to my fellow OTH fans

taking a break for smoothies...these pictures are in very random order
One day we took a narrated boat ride on the Cape Fear River.
Sissy, playing with Uncle Andy
fun little boat ride
the U.S.S North Carolina, which is across from the riverfront area (didn't get to take the boys on it, like I wanted to...will next time...ran out of time to do a lot of things I wanted to do, but that's probably because I always try to cram too many things in)...just to the left of this is the "River Court (another OTH reference)"