Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Beach Vacay...Part "I've Lost Count"

We ate with Cary, Andy, and the kids one night at Brixx Wood Fired Pizza in Wilmington. After a hummus appetizer, we chowed down on the pizza.
Wood-roasted Vegetable...wild mushrooms, broccoli, onions, peppers, oregano, tomato sauce and vegan cheese
the Rustica...mushrooms, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives and roasted garlic with vegan cheese
After pizza, we went to Luna Pops, a very cute place with cute all-natural popsicles. They even had this little picnic table outside for the kids to sit. I'm holding back from posting the pictures of Cary leading the kids in an impromptu game of Charades. Googie and Papaw got to enjoy a dinner out by themselves. Later that night, Andy and Ryan got to go out to a "guy movie."

One day, just the five of us went on a search for Poplar Grove Plantation, which was built in 1850. Besides giving tours of the house and buildings, etc. on the land, they have a really cute farmers' market. We only made it for the tail-end because we had a hard time finding the place. I bought some homemade, all-natural foam pump soap, some vegetables, and two precious dresses for Sissy. A lady makes these dresses out of vintage fabrics, lace, embroideries, etc., and I had a really hard time picking out the two I wanted. I wish I could sew better!
Cary and I had found the greatest little health food store called Tidal Creek Co-op early in the trip. I made about four different trips there during the week. It was SO vegan-friendly; I loved it better than Whole Foods. They had great sandwiches, wraps (unchicken salad wrap with cranberries, etc. - yum!), macaroni salads, and desserts. I consumed several berry sauce- covered cheesecake slices during the week. It had a cookie dough type crust that I'm going to have to try to make. We picked up food for a picnic on the Poplar Grove estate.
There was a fun little playground on the property, as well. Gee, I feel a little scared now, looking at Sissy up there. After our afternoon at Poplar Grove, we hit a few stores to buy some "secret things." I'll tell you what the secret is soon in a post. (NO, I'm not pregnant.)
Not only were we vacating in a great spot with lots to do, more importantly we had time to spend with family that we are normally separated by 6 hours. We got to bond with Rush, who is 2 months old. The start of the really fun make-the-baby-smile age. Somehow Googie and Papaw have finagled their way into being Winnie and Rush's favorite play friends in the house. I've got to up my game a little.
Catch Phrase Champions...I'm sure that Cary and Dad are going to try to argue that they were the champs (and maybe they did end up winning more games one night), but I really feel that Andy and I are the reigning champions. What I do know is that I loved playing games with the adults after the kids went to bed. Learned a new fun game - Rack-O, and I haven't laughed in awhile as hard and much as I did when we were playing CP...had some pretty funny situations.
Lotta love going on around here...Tornado fell asleep on Uncle Andy just a few minutes after I took this picture.
One morning, the kids painted seashells they had gathered.


Cary said...

Dad and I WERE the champs! We demand a rematch. We need to silence you guys for good.
"What were those things Raff played with? Beanie babies?"
"Lead! Ugh, go to the next one!"

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Will you guys PLEASE come spend the night over here sometime (I mean BEFORE we sell and build a one-room cabin) and stay up playing games with us? That sounds so fun. (Plus I'm starved for adult conversation lately.)