Friday, September 11, 2009

Beach Vacay Part 2...the beach!

Like I said, our Wrightsville Beach week was fabulous. It had been five years since we'd had a beach trip with my family (and we used to go every year). This was the best kind of trip for our kids. They were the perfect ages to get the most out of it. Of course, sand and water are universal favorites of children - even if just in a sandbox or when you have THIS amount of sand and water, of course it's going to be a perfect trip for them. That's the condo we stayed in - the tan one on the left.
There was plenty of running in the wide-open spaces
(especially for our Baywatch dude, Dash...
...which would ultimately wear him out each day),

feeding the birds,
body surfing and boogie boarding (here: Dash and Ryan...and the 3 men always went out in the ocean much further than I was comfortable with...I was so nervous about it - but they had fun...the water was really nice and clear),
picking up seashells (it's funny how you never outgrow this),
warming up peacefully on the overcast, sleepy days,
kite flying,
playing in the sand and building castles,
metal detecting,
boat riding (So fun! I was screaming it was so scary/fun.),
and burying people in the sand... never got old.
Weren't Papaw and Uncle Andy such good sports?

To be continued...


Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Paul and I are not beach people. But this post actually makes me sort of miss beach vacations. Might be fun to do sometime. (Gabriel's the only one of our kids who have ever seen the ocean!)

Michele said...

What a fun vacation! We are heading to the beach this coming week! The boys are so excited. It is time for the annual firemen's convention.