Monday, July 20, 2009

Giveaway, Camera Straps, and Emmy Award Nominees Hang Here

A few is a giveaway that I'm trying to win. I'm DETERMINED to win a giveaway one of these days. Weird,Unsocialized Homeschoolers reviewed the online version of Jumpstart. Tornado loves the JumpStart cd-roms, and after looking around at, I know the kids would enjoy it, as well. I think it's only $7.99 a month for a family membership.

I love my new camera straps I bought from my photographer friend Karie (who I went to college with). They're much cuter than having Canon across my chest. Check them out here and buy one!

Here's something I was particularly excited about. Those of you who didn't see, Tornado recently celebrated his 9th b-day with a Fetch! Ruff Ruffman party. Fetch! is a fun show on PBS Kids. He LOVES this show and has wanted a Fetch! party for two years. I noticed last week that Ruff Ruffman HIMSELF left a comment on my blog post. Well, it was actually Jim Conroy, who does the voice of Ruffman. An Emmy-nominated actor/writer left a comment on my blog! I figured, at first, it might just be someone like Uncle Andy, leaving a fun message for Tornado. But I googled "Fetch Ruff Ruffman Birthday", and my post came up - as well as another blog about a kid who had a Fetch! party, and he'd left a comment on that one, too. So if it was really him, I just think that was SUPER nice of him to take the time to do that, and you wouldn't believe how much Tornado and I both SQUEALED with delight.

I'm behind on posting about our learning activities, etc. Here are just a couple of "moments" around here.
Dash was getting more familiar with letters by matching the magnetic letters to the flashcards.
Sissy was playing "upside-down" memory - finding matches with the cards turned face up.


Karie Lee said...

I'm so glad that you like your straps! Thanks again! Also, how cool that Ruffman left a comment!

Weird Unsocialized Mom said...

Thanks for posting about the JumpStart giveaway. Good luck!

Valerie said...

Love that a children's author took the time to comment on your blog! That is just awesome!

When I was teaching full-time, I was a member of the National Reading Association. Our Kansas City chapter brought in several authors inculding Patricia Polacco and Nancy Carlson. On both occassions I was able to bring in my much-loved copies of their books and get their autographs on my copies. I find authors fascinating!

BTW...I sent you a message regarding Sissy and a postcard from Ben. Hope you are having a great summer. Will talk to you soon,


The Davidson Den said...

Wow. You're famous now. Tee hee.
Hmm...Upside down Memory. Why didn't I think of that?!