Thursday, July 9, 2009

4th of July

Found my memory card and card reader. They were far apart from one another, underneath Dash's bed. It's amazing I found it because their room is not tidy. So glad I spent time rummaging through the disgusting kitchen trash last night in my desperate search. :0Better late than never - our "4th" pictures. Saturday, we went to the Frontier Fourth of July celebration at the Arkansas Historic Museum. We'd never visited this museum before even though I pass it, coming off the interstate almost every week. I was surprised how big the property really is because it just seemed like a tiny building tucked into downtown. There are restored historic homes to tour, live gardens, and actors dressed up 19th century style. You wouldn't believe how many attempts it took to get this photo. And Dash insisted on standing behind the flag, and Sissy insisted on posing like that.
There were three craft tables set up. They decorated their own flags and streamers (wrapping party streamers around toilet paper rolls). Here they are decorating "fans."
There was watermelon and lemon-aid to enjoy...there are more cute pictures of them on the Arkansas Democrat Gazette website. Here are a couple of here or here, and there are a few others, as well.
Dash was amazing in the sack races (Tornado, bless his heart, not so much.) He took off, and there was no slowing him down.
Tornado did enjoy learning how to properly stand at attention, hold his weapon, and march in the militia. They also played in a spoon/water relay and practiced walking with stilts.
After our day at the Frontier celebration, we ate supper out, then decided to go home. We had planned on staying downtown for the fireworks celebration, but it honestly always turns into one of those things we do for the kids because we think we should - like we WANT them to enjoy it, but they don't really care either way. We decided they would have a better time picking out a few fun things at the fireworks tent and going home. Always my favorite - the black snakes. Aren't those things the coolest?
The kids loved their little race cars that zoomed across the driveway after being lit. We also had quite a good time with the little poppers.
Post fireworks treat...Raspberry flavored Natural Desserts Vegan Jel, which was full of fresh, chopped strawberries and blueberries and Soyatoo whipped cream on the side. A yummy alternative to bone/connective tissue Jello. (just sayin') :)


Jyldyz said...

I love the picture of Dash in the Gazette! He always makes Scott and I smile...

The Davidson Den said...

Oh!! We did that one year! When we only had ONE child!! Ha!