Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cousins Weekend

Another fun weekend with my brother and his family...Matt and Michele didn't tell the kids where they were headed Friday night. They gave them clues and let them guess until they finally pulled into our driveway, about 2 1/2 hours away. Sounds like a great Friday Night Mystery to me!
Uncle Matt was good for lots of playtime/wrestling. Sissy was especially attached to Matt this weekend.
Saturday we went to Little Rock. After they all ate lunch, we met them downtown at the farmers' market.
Sissy loves her watermelon.
After the farmers' market, we stopped by to see Tracy at the new restaurant where she works.
That night, Matt and Michele, in a rare move, went out with only baby Pierson and let us babysit the kids. We went for a long walk/ride around Googie and Papaw's neighborhood.
Papaw, with Sissy and Clara
The next day, they were all over fun Uncle Matt again. It never gets old.
While we made burritos/tacos, Tracy and Michele took them outside for some water balloon fun. Mexican food has always been a weekly event (at least once a week) in my parents' home, since I was little. The past couple of years it has become typical for us to do it on Sundays, and it has gained the name, "Sunday Burrito Sunday." (after U2's Sunday Bloody Sunday)
Ryan got to take his turn playing "Volcano Monster." Not sure where that term came from, but the kids are ALL about playing Volcano Monster. Saturday night, when Owen didn't realize Ryan wouldn't be coming over (because he had to work), he said in his sweet, little voice, "I can't wait until Uncle Ryan gets here so we can play Volcano Monster." Yeah, that's Ryan under the sheet, pulling Dash into his lair.
offering a pillow for the Volcano Monster to eat

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Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Looks like a fun weekend! I've never heard of Volcano Monster, but I can see the kids LOVED it! Too cute!!