Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What I Bought in Chicago

I never shop. I really hardly ever do. I would say this was my first real shopping trip. Usually, I don't buy much on vacations because I feel like I already spent too much on everything else. I became a consumer this weekend, though. And it was fun! Most of our shopping happened in the hip, artsy area of Wicker Park/Bucktown. My complaint about stores is this...nothing opened until 10 or 11. And almost everything closes by 8. It's really hard to maximize your time. Stores, please lengthen your hours! because you can never have too many these at the Levi store (one of them was on sale)
I got Ryan two shirts, short sleeve leisure shirt (that's what it's called) and hooded sweatshirt, from American Apparel - both in my favorite color, dark gray.
got this short sleeved jacket on sale at Una Mae's Freak Boutique
Mojo Spa smelled delicious. It seemed like most/all of their products were very natural. I got the lemon body scrub. I wanted to buy this delicious smelling yellow cake with chocolate frosting soap. I was afraid Dash would try to eat it, though. I did get the kids these fun little soaps.
My favorite store, apparently, was Una Mae's Freak Boutique because I also bought this hat, earrings, necklace, and another sweater, not pictured. I made three different purchase transactions because I kept seeing something else that I wanted.
some of the kids' the book and dress from Psycho Baby...I had to get the dress for Sissy because she had the same one when she was just a few months old, and I loved it so. It was the first thing I had bought for her (got it on Robertson Blvd. in Los Angeles), upon finding out I was having a girl. The book Adventures of Cow is really cute. I got the puzzle from Red Balloon. The kids always love a good puzzle, and I thought it would be a good color vocabulary lesson as it has more shades of colors listed, like teal, magenta, and taupe, etc.
Got this vintage shirt from Buffalo Exchange.
I bought this scarf from Free People. It was on sale (I think I keep mentioning that to justify my consumerism.) They use shopping bags made of cute fabric, which was such a little bonus. I'm going to give it to Sissy as one of her gifts.
I was sad that the one thing I planned on getting from Land of Nod was on backorder. I saw a lot of things I wanted to buy, and I spent entirely too long inside the store. I ended up buying this pack of origami airplanes. There are so many sheets there are plenty for the kids to make and play with, along with hanging some from the ceiling in their room.
I bought the big frame from CB2...(how I wanted to buy so much more, but I was having shopper anxiety over what to choose)...and Mom bought me the cool hour glass as a Mothers' Day gift. Got the little fork and spoon (that matches our other ones at home...yeah, that's what those little things are in the pic) and these glass containers.
t-shirt and scarf from Whole Foods...because I never have enough t-shirts to wear to the fitness center, etc., and one can never have too many scarves

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