Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Kids in the Garden"

We rented two of these DVDs from the library - the Soil and Plant Survivors episodes. Since we enjoyed them (they're really short - short enough for Sissy and Dash to watch) and are looking forward to more planting/gardening studies, we are going to pick out different ones during our next library visit. These two episodes included ideas for planting activities.
We recently planted seeds in these Jiffy greenhouse kits I picked up on a whim at Wal-Mart. (spent about $12 on the kit and seeds) Dash had so much fun planting pea seeds in little peat pots while at school and watching them grow at home, I knew we would enjoy this, as well. I am easing my way into having the full out flower and vegetable garden that is on the horizon for "one year soon." I've always said I'm going to have a garden once all of my babies are out of diapers.
This was the perfect little project for the three of them to work on together. Each little soil pellet has to have 1/8 cup of water added to it. Since we didn't have an 1/8 cup, we got to talk about how we had to use 1/2 of a 1/4 cup. They worked together really well and enjoyed the goal of getting the soil to plump up. Once the water was added, Tornado gently ripped open the netting...
...and they put a few seeds in each one. We picked all perennial seeds, hoping our hard work will last beyond one year. However, even they don't grow much at all, it was a fun project, anyway. We do already have little plants taking off, though.
Before we got all of the seeds covered up with soil, the boys started wandering away. Sissy stuck with it to the end, though. I love the way little kids like being "helpers."
Project complete!
More and more critters find their way into our home via Dash. The Soil DVD included instructions on how to have a worm garden/compost, which really got them excited. I've been wanting to start composting, anyway, so that is next on our to-do list.


Cary said...

That looks like fun! I always wish I were there to see them in action. And a sidenote...when are your kids going to outgrow those Sharky t-shirts? I feel like they are going to go on forever, much like that Pennington seed t-shirt that I wore the other day (via Ryan, Tracy, Andy...)

Jenny said...

Well...I guess I'll pass the t-shirt on to Sis. And then to Winnie...and then to baby Murph. The Pennington seed shirt actually started as mine, got it on my 5th graders' field trip.

Melody said...

A short post from a commenter for the first time; thanks for all the time put into your blog! It's great reading