Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today at the Academy

A few years ago I put together these art drawers made from a tool/tackle box I got at Wal-Mart. Tornado has always loved digging into it and creating pictures. It is full of leftover scrapbook die-cuts, craft sticks, buttons, dried beans and noodles, pipe cleaners, pom pons, toothpicks, glitter, beads, sand, craft hair and eyes, raffia, shells, string, foil, and any little pieces of whatever that I find around the house that could be recycled into a craft project. At our old house - when Tornado was the only one big enough to get into it, it was sitting out on the desk so he could delve into it anytime he wanted. He's just always been trustworthy like that. Now it's in the closet and is only brought out under Mom's supervision or when the other two kids are at preschool, like today. Dash would have eaten, glued to the walls, thrown, etc. all of the contents by now, otherwise.
Dash drew this picture of a "bat chasing a horse. The horse is trying to get away from the bat."

Afternoon snacktime...yogurt parfaits...layered with back to Nature Sunflower & Pumpkin Seed Granola, chopped bananas, three different flavors of yogurt - blueberry, keylime, and banana strawberry, and flax meal sprinkled on top. I have been trying to phase in coconut milk yogurt (SoDelicious brand) more into their world, but they don't like it as well as soy yogurt. When I can mix it with other things - in smoothies, baking, or parfaits, etc. they don't really notice the difference.


meredith said...

you're amazing!!!!!

Cary said...

Those parfaits look amazing! Add that to the list of things to make me next time I come home. And that picture is awesome Dash! Tell him to draw something for the new baby boy. I'll put it up.