Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This and That

Yesterday, Tornado and I had the opportunity to visit the Traveling Creation Museum. We listened to Mr. Meek's discussions on science and history in regards to the Genesis account of Creation. He talked about dinosaurs, the ark, Pasteur, the big bang theory, etc. I bought The New Answers Book and started reading it last night. I also bought What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs? for Dash because just the night before he asked us why God killed the nice dinosaurs like the brachiosaurus. He has had a lot of questions lately about...well, what happened to the dinosaurs.
Ryan and the boys explored the old barn with Great Aunt Judy. She showed them where she kept her horse Gypsy when she was young. They peeked out at us from the little loft window. Judy gave them rides in the wheelbarrow.
This weekend the whole family went up north to celebrate Dash's 4th birthday (blog post to come). On Sunday we went to my grandpa's house to visit. My two aunts, Judy and Patsy, were there for the day, as well. It turned into a perfect kind of day. The weather was nice, and we were able to stay outside. The kids helped with jobs such as picking up sticks out of the yard. They thought it was neat that Judy and Patsy were ripping off the door to an old outbuilding. It was just one of those days you appreciate the "simple things in life" and enjoy being with people you love.
Sissy, trying to push the wheelbarrow

Great Aunt Patsy, helping Dash cut out last year's dead plants from the garden

Dash had pajama day at school recently. The other day, after school, Tornado said he wanted to go to school, too. Dash said, "You not go to school. Just little kids go to school. Not big kids. Just little kids." We are, of course, curious what our little ones are like when they are at school. Dash gave us a little hint the other day at supper. He said, "The girl always says, 'Yuck,' when I show her my cupcake." I asked him where his cupcake was. He opened his mouth of chewed-up food and said, "Like this...and she goes like this." (and he made a face and turned away.) That's my boy - really impressing the ladies. Speaking of funny kid quotes...this weekend, Tornado announced to my brother and his family that Dash always gets in trouble for saying bad words. "Like poop...pee...wiener...bathroom...toilet paper." Haha. I think that's so funny.
"We're building sand castles in our pretend beach. Do you want to come to our beach?" - Dash asks Mommy on March 18. We are loving this warm weather, as most people are. And it was like magic - Daddy's seasonal affective disorder (diagnosed by Mommy) mysteriously lifted the weekend of the time change. Time change, how we love you. (and Daddy, how we love you, too.)

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