Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Sometimes I have friends who tell me how guilty it makes them feel to read my blog because of the activities we do, how healthy we eat, the amount of exercise I accomplish...which is meant as a compliment (I think) and is a nice thing to hear because I do want fun, exercise, and healthy living to be parts of my life. However, I would definitely never want to make my fellow woman - the sisterhood - feel worse about herself or the job she is doing. I often look at other people's lives and think I am failing miserably. I am the quintessential "work in progress." I get motivated and inspired by ideas from other people, and I can also laugh along with empathy when I read "mom" stories I can relate to so well. I would hope that both of those things can be felt here.
I never really wanted to be anything other than a mom and wife (friend/sister/daughter, etc.) who was trying her best to follow the path God had laid out for her. So I try to do it well...however, the results aren't always pristine or perfect. I'm definitely not the best disciplinarian - it's something that does not come natural to me. I let things "go" too often because I'm passive and easygoing. And I already told you I'm not a morning person. Sometimes we even...gasp...use paper plates.
We have definitely have our share of whining, tears, and meltdowns - like this. and this.

And...sometimes I get so disorganized, I find something like this in the back of my fridge. :0

This is exactly what our laundry room...I mean, my daughter's room looks like right now...and yet, here I sit.

Tornado and I ARE going to get the homeschool room clean TODAY...I just know it...

Thanks for reading my blog. If you've never commented before, consider doing it sometime. We bloggers love comments. Many of you give me your comments over the phone, on email, etc. - consider leaving one here sometime as this is currently my main form of "scrapbooking," and it might be fun for the kids and I to look back upon the comments one day. And it would make me feel popular, too. :) All the time, I find out about someone new who reads my blog, and it's really fun to know. So come on out of the closet. My settings even allow "anonymous" commenters (but sign your name) in case you don't have a google/blogger account; I don't even mind a little constructive criticism now and then, but if you're very mean, it will ruin my day. :)
Now off to spend some time with my little guy. He wants to draw category 9, 10, and 11 hurricane pictures. He does not want to draw category 12 pictures because those involve "violent destruction," according to his book.


meredith said...


your blog is FABULOUS...and i will have to say - i have often questioned my mothering/food habits after reading - but i think that's great...we need to give each other something to strive for right?!?!?!
you should feel so proud of yourself and the wonderful job that you are have three blessed little kiddos (who by the way, have gotten really BIG since the last davidson b'day party we attended!!!!!)
thanks for sharing that you are a "little bit normal"...ha,ha,ha!!!!


p.s. i wish as a dietitian that i was brave enough to try spinach popsicles...oh how i wish!!!!!

Kris said...

Oh, I can so relate! I currently have a pile of dirty dishes in the sink and a load of laundry in the washer that is probably going to have to be re-washed before it makes it to the dryer.

And, here I sit. ;)

Thanks for following my blog, posting about and registering for the CM book giveaway. Good luck!

Cary said...

You are terrible. I can't believe that your house looks like that. And what the hell was that from your refrigerator? Disgusting.

The Davidson Den said...

Have I ever told you I think your sister Cary is HI-larious!?
So...this is a really great post. Very honest. And real. And it does exactly what you makes everyone feel a little bit better (big sigh of relief) about not always having everything put away AND about using paper plates. (Hey, look at it this're conserving water and the energy it takes to heat that water. That's what I say anyway.)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Jenny you are too funny!! So I must admit I really liked seeing your mess. I know there is something sick about that but it is because I am the anal retentive, overly organized, better not leave your clothes on the floor, de-clutter freak. So, we can all give ourselves a break!
However,I still can't believe what your kids will eat. It is so amazing!!! You rock and I hope all these comments do make you feel popular. They should!
Pam Rohde

Marlize said...

Hi, I'm a homeschooling mother of three little blessings and still studying myself. We also do all our housework ourselves, since we do not have the funds to hire help and the fact that I want to teach my children to take care of themselves - including cleaning and organizing.

Thank you for showing me that I'm not the only one that's having problems with my organizational skills. I needed this today - just to know that I'm not the world's worst mommy and homeschool teacher. I got the courage to stand up and organize the homeschool classroom today! Wish me luck - here goes...

Friendly Greetings from South Africa.