Friday, September 7, 2012

Sissy's Kindergarten Corner: Week #4

I didn't take too many school pictures this week. It felt like we were pretty busy with our co-op, etc. plus it was a 3-day weekend. One thing she enjoyed about her classes this week is a presentation her teacher gave on making healthy food choices. Ms. Tara demonstrated making homemade peanut butter, which they enjoyed on homemade bread. The 2nd grade class got to take part, too, so my 2nd grader liked it, as well.

AWANA started back up this week. Sis is a big girl now in Sparks with her brother. When Ryan was picking them up, a lady commented that the kids sure do look out for each other. Apparently, Sissy had been nervous and a little unsure of herself during some of the games she didn't know how to play. Dash actually comforted Sissy and held her hand, going alongside her. How sweet is that!

We had a few Chicka activities to finish up. They recently helped me glue self-stick magnet pieces onto craft poms for these kind of pages. 

We added our next title to our Book Gardens. This time instead of using it as a tracing activity, I had them follow the directions on this Easel Painting activity, adding stickers.

 She was able to add another word to her Fancy Nancy Word Wall: CAT.

 an activity from her Number Art book

 more counting patterns activities like this one

pictures she made for Mom and Dad

 A activities like this one

lots of letter and number writing

And something silly she said: 
Apparently, I hastily prepared her half of a peanut butter and fruit spread sandwich because I placed the cut top down facing the wrong direction - so the cut end was right on top of the crust end. Since one would typically eat from the cut side toward the crust, she flipped it around and said, "I don't know which side to start on."

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