Friday, October 29, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

Our week:
We had our fall/pumpkin/Halloween books set out.
We brought out the autumn decor for the house.

This weekend, after Dash's soccer game, we drove to Illinois to visit Ryan's family. There was a slight incident involving...needing fuel on the interstate. I know this was not one of Ryan's shining moments, but he has given me permission to mention it. There was a long stretch where there just weren't any gas stations, we were running late because of the soccer game and looking for lost items, and we weren't adequately prepared for the trip, in general. (We also couldn't find the key to our Yakima luggage holder, therefore we were stuffed into the car with our luggage. I found the key in the dryer after our return.)

It's okay, though, because being our hero that he is, he ripped off his pants, pulled on his shorts and cycling shoes (I was trying to keep a straight face because I honestly thought he was going to put on his cycling shorts, too...which might have been overkill.) He rode off toward the next exit (We could see the one mile sign in the distance in front of us.) determined to save the day. I waited with the kids far, far away from the highway (I'm saying this for my mom's (who is surely panicked by now) benefit.). We cheered when we saw him, in record time, soaring back in on his bike, gas can in hand.

On Sunday, Ryan's parents, brothers, and sisters-in-law plus niece joined us as we headed over to Champaign, Illinois to catch the Orange & Blue Scrimmage at Assembly Hall.

It was really fun! The kids (so did we!) loved how they turned off the lights and smoke poured out as the players were announced. They cheered loudly, "I-L-L!"..."I-N-I!"

I think Ryan may have fallen in love with me all over again because I actually got tears in my eyes when the players were running out. Isn't that weird? I don't know; I just felt like a proud Mom or something. (Weird that I am "technically" old enough to be these boys' mother.) I've only really been an Illini fan for about a year, but I've gotta say - I felt the pride.

Sissy was ELATED to watch the cheerleaders and dancers in action.
She actually cheers for the cheerleaders at games. She says, "Go cheerleaders!"

It was nice to spend a little time with Cousin "K."
We never get to see her, and now she's (at age 2) as big as Sis.

The next day, Grandma Nona had pumpkins for the kids to decorate.

their finished creations
Grandpa took the kids for a little ride on the 4 wheeler.

They attempted to break through some walnuts to eat.

Back at 5 year old and I have just been continuing to work on his Abeka phonics, handwriting, and math. For social studies, we've been learning about maps and Asia. (I wrote about our Christopher Columbus, maps, and passport lessons yesterday.) Other than's just felt really busy and overwhelming (putting the car in the shop one day, chasing the dogs down the road, parent-teacher conference at my oldest son's school, my mom rushing my gate opener over to me early one morning because I'd left it in her car...just things like that, and the idea of a staycation sounds more appealing by the day...One fun moment this week: Dash had his last soccer practice, which was bittersweet...we've all had such a good time with it this season. We had a parents vs. kids scrimmage at the end of practice.

Dash also had a field trip with his homeschool academy class to the pumpkin patch. Sissy and I spent a fun hour together at the library, gathering books to prepare for the learning aspect of our Northeast trip next month.

This was Sissy at ballet this week.

And this is what she made at art class.

I knew I was going to be taking Dash out on a special date this week. I made sure to take the other two kids out for a little time on their own, as well. Sissy chose to get smoothies. We also went to Wal-Mart together to pick out flowers for our porch.

Then we planted them when the boys got home.
The jack-o-lanterns are courtesy of Papaw. (Thanks, again!)
He carved one for each of the kids.

This is Dash and me, leaving for our date Wednesday night. We went to a Kris Allen concert. The concert was really too late for the other two kids (It started at 8.), and my 10 year old isn't as interested in "pop culture." Dash sort of latched onto the whole American Idol thing (He totally loves Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox.) when Ryan and I were watching it this season, which is why I only took him.

This was a benefit concert for Blackbird Academy, which is where my kids take classes. (They raised $100,000.) For those of you who don't know, Kris (who was the winner of American Idol last year) is from our town. Seriously, could he be any cuter?

Dash took this picture. It was a fun night out for us.

Last night, Tornado and I went out on our date. He chose Hastings (as I knew he would). We spent most of the time at the kids' comic books. It was nice for him to be with Mom, unrushed. When you get him alone, he talks nonstop; it's exhausting but wonderful. It's nice for him to get individual time since his younger brother and sister can be so...loud. We also went to Hobby Lobby to get the materials he needed to make his Halloween costume.

Have a good, safe weekend, everyone!


Annette W. said...

There was so many things I wanted to say...But I suspect I'll forget bunches of them.

1. Derek is a biker too. Cyclist style anyway.
2. Sissy looked adorable.
3. the dates looked like such fun!
4. I am clueless when it comes to American Idol.

Diane said...

This was our first year without a pumpkin or any costumes. The kids are growing up.

JJHB said...

Looks like all the Illini fans had a great weekend! Sorry we always miss seeing you guys! Maybe over the holidays.