Friday, October 15, 2010

Field Trip Friday: Silver Dollar City

I've already wrote about Silver Dollar City once for Field Trip Friday, but since that's the only educational place we've visited lately, I'm going to include it again. We were there Sunday, as we were in the area (Branson, MO) visiting friends and family. And I tried to get pictures of different highlights of the park this time.

There is an old schoolhouse and old church toward the front of the park. As soon as I enter, my inner Laura Ingalls Wilder comes to the surface, and I get very excited.

The "schoolmistress" made paper hats for the kids. And they got to practice writing on their slates.
The teacher and some visitors happened to be speaking negatively about homeschooling...which is always a little like nails scratching on that chalkboard to me. In the panacea of my brain, it's hard for me to understand why people are so critical of others' valid choices. I said brightly, "We homeschool! It's okay!"

my niece and nephew, petting the goats

"The Story of Barrel Making"

I like the Christmas store. Apparently, Tornado did, too. He sweet talked Googie into buying him an ornament of his choice, which turned out to be a darling little Santa.

We're not into all of the little carnival type rides that make you sick just looking at them. This was a little "ride" that was more our speed.

You just sit and elevate up the tower by pulling on your rope. The boys were grinning enormously.
Dash was watching the woodcarver, while downing his frozen lemon-aid.

I wrote this blurb on my last Silver Dollar City post:

It is a learning experience. You are transported back in time to the pioneer days. All of the employees are dressed in period wear, from the pioneer store clerks to the prisoners on the Flooded Mine ride to the saloon girls at the show to the hillbillies wandering around. You can visit an old church, an old mill, etc. and sample apple butter. You can watch bread being baked, candles being dipped, glass being blown, wood being carved, and furniture being made, etc. You can learn from blacksmiths, coppersmiths, and bladesmiths. Lots to see and learn! You can apparently now even take cooking and craft classes. `

Then there was the time Tracy couldn't wait to devour a spiralized potato on a stick.
I noticed on the box behind the cash register that these spiralized potatoes on a stick are cooked in "Creamy Liquid Fry Shortening." Does that sound...enticing or what. :0 She didn't quite finish hers, for the record, and she declared she was starting Detox the next day.

ALL DAY, the kids were begging to go through Grandfather's Mansion. It's apparently their favorite spot. We finally made it at the end of the trip. It's a house full of odd, eerie rooms. There is a mirrored room, slanted floor room, and an upside-down room to view. (The furniture and decor is attached to the ceiling.)

We only spent a few hours, which went by quickly. We had to make it back home early enough to start our busy work/school week. It's nice when you have season passes and don't feel like you have to spend the whole day to make the exorbitant prices worth it.
My sentiments exactly.

If you go on fun "field trips" with your kids, consider linking up at Live the Adventure. I always enjoy reading about other family's trips. It gives me great ideas and inspirations for outings of our own!


Matt said...

I don't see anything wrong with public schools or creamy liquid fry shortening.

Jenny said...

nice one, brother

Jackie H. said...

We love SDC! It's so different than the typical amusement park. I also love that the workers come back year after year so you can look for the same ones!

K-tribe said...

Wow! That place looks like fun.
kelly K

Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

We feel the same way about season passes as you do. That's why we also love the reciprocal memberships. When our kids were smaller we literally made ourselves miserable on several occassions trying to "get our monies worth" at an attraction only to wear out the kids until everyone was cranky! Thankfully it didn't take us long to learn the error of our ways! LOL

Thanks for linking up to FTF!