Monday, November 1, 2010

Soccer Season Ends

Soccer is officially over for the season. It is bittersweet because we really loved this season. I could use the extra few hours a week, though, that's for sure.

Here are a couple of pictures from Sissy's season, which ended a couple of weeks ago.

Dash's team, after his game Saturday

This is Dash's fellow Illini friend I've mentioned. When we were in Champaign last weekend, we bought the boys matching sweatbands. (This is because his friend sometimes wears sweatbands for soccer. The joke is that's where his "secret powers" come from.)

We really feel blessed this year that he was put on the perfect team for him. He had an amazing coach who was fun, supportive, and challenging. The kids really improved this season. And we made great friends, too.

I'm looking forward to reviewing another product from CSN. (CSN Stores is your one spot shopping source for everything from dining sets to baby toys.) I can't decide what I want to review...a few of my choices so far: a cotton candy maker, a coffee table, or a doll highchair for Sissy. I'm also hosting a $40 CSN giveaway which starts tomorrow on my other blog.


See Jamie blog said...

My teen's colorguard season is almost over, and we'll all be glad for those extra hours each week!

Judy said...

Sissy looks so cute! I only sort of envy soccer moms...I don't think I'm ready to lose those hours each week :)