Friday, July 16, 2010

Downtown Little Rock Tour

Saturday, the kids and I headed to downtown Little Rock for the Central Arkansas Library System summer reading program day. There were various activities set up at different locations throughout the day, and the best part about it: everything was free (well, except lunch)! We would have normally spent over $50 to do all of these activities combined.

We got to experience a couple of "firsts." It was our first visit to the Clinton Presidential Library. It's a really cool-looking building, and I love how the downtown continues to improve.

(Forgive the photo quality. I forgot to bring my camera, and I only had my phone to use all day.)

We attended a special science lesson event. This lady took the kids through several really fun science experiments. Tornado is up there volunteering on this one. There are all sorts of free kids' learning activities held here; we need to start taking more advantage.

It was the PERFECT time for us to visit the Library. They currently are hosting a Nature Unleashed exhibit. Tornado started jumping up and down as soon as he saw the huge sign hanging on the outside of the building. My little weather lover was not disappointed. (For those of you just joining in, that's why he gets the nickname Tornado.)

We didn't tour the whole library. We'll have to do that another time.

It was also our first time to ride the trolley in Little Rock.

It was fun. It's another thing we need to start doing occasionally.

The kids were standing in front of these metal sculptures outside of the Historic Arkansas Museum. This is a nice little place to visit if you are ever in town. There are a few different restored early 19th century homes/buildings located on the property, which is situated right downtown off the interstate. It is a LIVING HISTORY museum; there are tours (complete with dressed characters), which will give you an idea of life during this earlier period.

The kids' favorite part during this visit to the museum was the table of toys on display. They wanted to stay and stay longer at this spot, while they tried out everything.

We hopped back on the trolley, which took us to the River Market area. We bought lunch at Boulevard Bread Company and enjoyed it outside.

Our final stop was a short little walk over to the Museum of Discovery. The kids had been seeing the signs for the Alice in Wonderland exhibit all day. They kept saying with excitment, "We're going to Wonderland!" This was perfect because they had just watched the movie (the animated Disney version, not the latest Johnny Depp version) the other day and really liked it. There was a whole big room, full of science, literary exploration, and whimsical fun. There was even a real, fluffy rabbit for them to pet.

We finished the day by making rabbit masks in the art room. Tornado made a mask, also, but this is the sun he thought to make, using his handprints. I so wish our homeschool room had the space and supplies of this place.

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Jenilee said...

what a GREAT day!! I love all the activities that you did. I am so bad at taking advantage of things like that too. I need to get better at that this year! I'm sure there are many things in our downtown area that we have not yet explored. loved your post!

and sometimes a cellphone is all you need for pictures! makes the day simpler. lol

Jenilee said...

I'm a new follower too... I'd love to read more of your adventures!

Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

What a busy day! I wish I would've known about the living history museum on my recent trek through Little Rock! I'd have loved to have stopped and streched my legs!

We don't have trolleys where we come from, but we would ride the public buses on occasion. The kids thought it was so much fun- but the trolleys look so much cooler!:)

Thanks for linking up to FTF again! Blessings!:)