Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thankfulness List # 166-191

Just a few random pictures and grateful thoughts:
My nephew is so silly (#166). Everytime he even sees a camera, he makes this smile. And he really enjoyed picking the flowers out of my pots.

#167: Sissy has been taking dance classes now for a few months. This picture was taken as we were going to her first tap class. (#168: That's another one of my old leotards!) She was enrolled in a class that included tap, ballet, and gymnastics. That session ended, and now she is attending classes at two different places. She is taking ballet at a new place we LOVE (#169). It's an art academy, the same place Dash took his dance class (#170), and Tornado is taking art classes (#171). One reason I like this place better is that parents can watch through the window (#172), unlike her last spot.

She is also taking cheerleading classes (#173). (It's basically a gymnastics class, though.) This was essentially her idea. She goes around saying, "I wanna be a cheerleader." She will cuddle up with Daddy (#174) and watch a few minutes of an Illini game. She loves to watch the cheerleaders, and she will say, "Go, Illinois!"

She has so much fun at all of her classes, and I feel very happy for her (#175).
Sissy becomes more of a "big girl" every day. This morning, I asked her if she needed help putting on her ballet shoes. She said in one breath, "I don't need help, Mommy, but thank you for asking." (#176)

fun with bristle blocks (#177)

We took a weekend trip, which included a stop in my hometown (#178). It's always nice to visit and reminisce; my heart overflows with feelings and memories before I even hit the city limits (#179). Three of my best friends from highschool (Elizabeth, Missy, and Angie) and I got together (#180) because one of them is about to move to California. Our other friend Lori also stopped by with her beautiful family to say "hello." (#181) I am so grateful for these friends that I have had for 20 years (#182). I really lucked out by living in this particular town at the particular time that I did (#183). We missed you, Sarah (#184)!
We also drove over to my original hometown to see my Grandpa and Winnie. He recently had a procedure that really seemed to help him with pain he'd been having; that was great to see (#185). I'm so grateful that I still have my Pa-paw (#186).
I was really, really happy that Sissy let Great-Grandpa cuddle up next to her. She was really sweet, giving him hugs and smiling at him. That meant a lot to me (#187). We also got to visit with my aunt, uncle, cousin, and dog-cousin. Those visits are few and far between so that was very nice. (#188)

(#189-191) I'm also very thankful that I got to spend the weekend with almost my entire family. I'm thankful for safe travel. I'm thankful to my brother and sister-in-law for hosting us!

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Catherine said...

So sweet! I love the pictures of your little girl with her Great Grandpa. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog too!


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing the pic, Jenny! Also, the pictures of Remi are ALL adorable...her smile w/ your grandpa is priceless!